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Freak of Society
18th Nov 2004, 19:42
as a fan of the first installment of this series and a down juggalo, i have to say i'm disappointed with how byw2 turned out. i believe the first had the game play just right and all it needed was some upped graphics, some extra moves and object interaction. while the graphics are better (although model design on Violent J is worse) the gameplay is drastically different. no more is the flashing for reversals or custom character only super move finishes. now to even play a solo, game you must create a custom character with basic at best clothing and body style options. while the grapple move list can be selected almost exactly like the first you're stuck with using the same fighting style (ie. punches, kicks,) super moves and ending scene flaunts as the already programmed characters. the only thing that is really customizable are the logos, which are extremely limited. each logo can have only 8 layers (standard twiztid facepaint takes 3 layers to make. 1 for the white base, and 2 layers for both black eyes,) if that wasn't bad enough, you can only select shapes that are already programmed in (yes, there is a hatchetman, although only the one with the circle around him) and you can only have 9 total custom logos. on the up side, new grapple moves have been added, submissions have been added, and some really cool object interaction has been added. but even with that, $50 seems too much to ask. i recommend you rent it and wait til the price drops to at least $30 before actually buying it. maybe if eidos had still kept the online play it would give it more appeal. and one other thing that i and many other juggalos want to know, you've added Vampiro and many other wrestlers, but where did Twiztid go?

20th Nov 2004, 07:01
yo dog if you were really juggalo youd shut the hell up and enjoy the game you son of a ***** h

Freak of Society
20th Nov 2004, 10:20
how does letting people know that a game isn't worth the price make me any less a juggalo? for that matter, i think that makes me more so, by letting my family know their money is better spent on something other than a thrown together game. if you're concerned about ICP getting their cut for being in it, they've already been paid, money from sales go directly to the producer. i don't feel the producer deserves $50 per copy for this disappointing sequel and neither should you unless you're on their payroll.

21st Nov 2004, 15:46
yeah really, it seems like it would have been more work to take out alot of the stuff they took out, most notably Sabu, Twiztid and the flamable matress in the back yard. glad they got rid of the homing basketball though :) I like the new stages they added but they could have just as easily kept the old stages in too. and I really don't get why this game slows down, its not the most graphically intense game on the Xbox (Yes the xbox version has mad slowdown) and having to manually select all my custom soundtrack songs everytime is annoying. but whats more annoying is the random dirty/damaged disc errors I get. that and some of the objectives are vague/impossible/F#$*ing BS!!! that really detract from the fun of putting the beatdown on fools! (yes I like playing single player to get all the unlockable crap...yes I know alot of it is crap thats unlockable but still :p) overall not really worth $50, worth more like $20-25 in my book but too late for that now, I just hope it did sell enough to warrant a 3rd installment where they combine the best of both games and get it right this time!!!