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Lara Croft Online
16th Nov 2004, 05:25
(http://www.laracroftonline.net/cgi-bin/models_gallery/images/large/9948.jpg)Click the pic for the big pic!

Nell McAndrew's official website launches this week with an official release Sunday
in the News Of The World Sunday the 21st. They have released this pre-launch pic
to Lara Croft Online with more information and pictures coming soon. You can check
out the former Lara Croft Model's website at www.nellmcandrew.tv
Nell was the official Lara Croft Model from 1998-1999
On November 6th, 1973, a star was born in Leeds, England, to a working-class family.
Tracy McAndrew was ever the athletic one and throughout childhood, dreamed of becoming a policewoman.
Working in a bank after she finished school, McAndrew realized that she had a higher calling,
and it was modeling, not law enforcement, that lay in her future.
Her latest workout DVD titled "Ultimate Challenge Ultimate Results". hits U. K. stores Dec. 27th 2004
Cost: DVD GBP17.99 & Video GBP10.99

Lara Croft Online Tom@LCO (http://www.laracroftonline.com)

20th Nov 2004, 17:26
Wow, thanks for sharing that sneak peak with us, Lara Croft Online! I'll be sure to check out her official site!

I really appreciate that you always share news like this. I never seem to find the real news until everyone else has been talking about it for weeks. :p I'll keep checking Eidos & your site to see what's up.

~~Greatly appreciated! ;)

Lara Croft Online
21st Nov 2004, 03:32
Website has opened officially