View Full Version : Crash N Burn GameSpy Ladder

16th Nov 2004, 02:10
Hi Folks,
To celebrate the game’s launch, we’re running a web-based tournament at GameSpy Arena. You can challenge other people in the ladder, or just message them and set up a race at your own convenience. After the race is over, everyone reports the results on the site, and adjusts your ranking. See GameSpy Help (http://arena.gamespy.com) for more info about how it works, if you don’t already know. At the end of the tournament, in December, the top twelve ranked players get to play a match against Eidos QA testers who worked on the game, and we’ll be giving a prize to the winner of this round. We’re running a ladder for PS2 gamers and for Xbox gamers too. We’re not starting the competition until the 24th, but it’s open for people to join now. Here’s the link to the ladder pages:

PS2 Ladder (http://arena.gamespy.com/ladder/26572)

Xbox Ladder (http://arena.gamespy.com/ladder/26571)

Hope I see ya there! Good Luck!