View Full Version : Blood?

14th Nov 2004, 15:29
I'm in the Pagan tunnels and I need to do this ritual. I've already got water and moss and now I need blood. I found this dead or knocked out guy in the tunnel that leads to the ritual spot, is he the "blood" I need? I already tried him and after I did all the three things it made a sound, have I allready finished it?

14th Nov 2004, 16:37
The paw should have presented it's self to you in the shrine

14th Nov 2004, 19:28
So what should I use for blood?

14th Nov 2004, 22:17
The guy was the blood. So you should see the Paw in the tree now.

15th Nov 2004, 01:50

15th Nov 2004, 02:07
The tree should open up like a closet. If all the signs Flashed then go to the tree and the Paw should highlight.

If not you need to make sure that you got BLOOD and did not just dump an unconcious body.

18th Nov 2004, 13:07
for blood , throw that body at the altar. aim and shoot at the body for blood then, if needed.
then grab the paw and run for your life, there is a big creature around.