View Full Version : 2 new trailers

14th Nov 2004, 14:07
They aren't yet in the officials web, But it is in the eidos ftp server. You can download them from:
In the section Videos, trailers 2 (23Mb) and 3(6Mb).
NOTE: there is some kind of problem with the third one, the .zip file has a problem, but download it also.

14th Nov 2004, 15:13
You are wrong.
Trailer 3 (ftp://ftp.eidos.co.uk/pub/uk/imperialglory/video/imperial_trailer03.zip) is the same as trailer 2 (ftp://ftp.eidos.co.uk/pub/uk/imperialglory/video/imperial_trailer02.zip), but trailer 3 is corrupt and trailer 2 is not. When you open both .zip files you'll see that the files in there have the same name and size.

So don't bother downloading trailer 3, you only need trailer 2 (ftp://ftp.eidos.co.uk/pub/uk/imperialglory/video/imperial_trailer02.zip). :)

14th Nov 2004, 18:31
I highly recommand watching that trailer btw :)

It shows the ships in more detail and well more than that too obviously. Must say that the way the water looks and moves is the best I've ever seen.