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jee jee
14th Nov 2004, 01:27
I'm at the Tomb of Ancients right at the beginning. I don't know what to do after i get showed the place from the top to the bottom. Do I jump because if I do I end up dying. It will be greatly appreciated if I can get some help

Chris Daly
14th Nov 2004, 03:04
Dear jee jee

You need to position Lara looking back from where
she came into the Tomb of Ancients.. ie turn her
around if she is looking into the tomb.

You then need to do a small hop back and grab the
top edge of the tomb , and enable Lara to climb down
this move is a bit foreign if you havent done it before.

In AOD Lara will turn around for you if you attempt to
grab a wall like this by holding down action

On a PS2 its hold action and hold L1 ( walk) with
Left Analog switch down, to then make her climb
down the wall.

Here are a few tips for the next section : Lara needs
to shoot the birds or bats when she gets to the landing
select a gun suggest pistol .. she will find where they are.

Lara eventually gets down to the bridge .. its possible
to get over to the other side ( suggest save ) by carefully
looking at the shortest distance and taking a running jump
and grab , there are some items there .. but you have to
get back again. Next - facing the tomb wall go to
the railing edge on the left hand side ( make sure health
is charged up ) if Lara is close to the tomb wall hop over
the railing , she lands losing some health below,..er but not
too far below!!.

a few more jumping challenges await as Lara makes her
way to the bottom of the tomb to move a switch in an alcove
to then do lots of ledge jumping going up and coming
back down having moved a switch in another alcove to
open the trapdoor below... have fun cheers / Chris

if you get stuck try search in the forum or a walkthrough
Stella's is one of the best..

jee jee
14th Nov 2004, 03:28
Thank you, but I have a PC or do I even have to worry about that?

14th Nov 2004, 16:42
If you move to the edge of the ledge and hit action or click the left mouse button Laura will turn herself around and hang from the ledge. You will see where you have to climb down to. When you eventually get to the bridge walk out on it a ways, turn back around and face the wall to your right. If you jump and hit it you will then slide down to a narrow ledge. Hit action again and you will hang from that ledge too seeing where you have to go next. Hope this helps ! Have fun !

jee jee
14th Nov 2004, 17:22
Thank you sooooo much you guys!