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12th Nov 2004, 20:09
OK, so I've searched everything I can find on the Clocktower, and there is nothing to answer my question. This tells me, that I'm probably doing something really stupid, otherwise someone would have asked this question already.

I am still trying to use the climbing gloves to get onto the pipes so that I can get into and sabotage the clocktower (I took a long break from from the game). I can climb the west wall on either side of the pipes, but I cannot release myself from the wall to jump onto the pipes. I can't figure out if there's a way to move from side to side (strafe) with the gloves so that I can just drop down onto the pipes... every command I've tried hasn't worked. I know that this is a simple fix, but most people seem to be fine once they've figured out they need gloves. So, what can I do differently to get myself from the wall over to the pipes?

I hope this makes sense. This is my first time ever posting a game question. I've been playing Theif since it first came out, and I've never been this stumped over something silly. :)

Old Man
12th Nov 2004, 20:33
Sounds simple enough, Bluskygirl.

Yes, the straffe keys or move-left and move-right are what you want. And a special problem with the climbing gloves is that the straffe keys move you left and right, as you'd expect, regardless of which way Garrett is facing!

Then once you're above whatever you want to get down onto simple press the move-back key and you should lower yourself down and onto that surface. In this case the pipes. You shouldn't need to jump to get off the wall. Although, I know there are situations where jumping is necessary to disengage the climbing gloves. So, if you don't just end up on the surface you want try jumping.

Just in case your problem is a lack of straffe keys, from the game, press ESC, choose TITLE MENU, choose OPTIONS, choose INPUTS. The sideways movement or straffe keys can be bound here. They're entitled simply FORWARD, LEFT, BACKWARD, and RIGHT.

Hope this helps but if it doesn't just ignore me. :)


12th Nov 2004, 20:40
Thanks for your help. I know I've tried my move-left and move-right keys before, but maybe I need to double check how I have them set up in the controls. At least now I know that I can in fact move side to side while using the gloves. Thanks again,


12th Nov 2004, 21:54
Actually, it's even more simple than that. Don't climb the wall. Look up from ground level. You see the glyph you have to trigger to enter the tower? It's at an entry above a pipe (or two pipes, I forget now) that run over to a short tower. Climb that short tower, and drop onto the pipes from there. Then just walk over to the glyph.