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11th Nov 2004, 17:50
Just looked at screen shots for Imperial Glory, check out 3rd screenshot of British army, the British never fought with 4 gun battery's in the Napoleonic wars they were always in 3's. Colour's also wrong as all woodwork was painted grey!! so looks like some hasn't done there homework. Maybe this will be rectified before game is released?

14th Nov 2004, 23:26
Woodwork in old days was not painted gray. It became grey as the wood got old :p



15th Nov 2004, 10:55
Sorry Tenjo,
but your obviously no good on the Napoleonic period weapons. Read and learn.

British Artillery

Britain had a small, but highly effective, artillery arm - the Royal Artillery - that was exceedingly well trained, but suffered from light guns and a lack of resources.

The basic guns were 3-6 pounders, although 9-pounders became available during the Peninsular War (1808-1814), and the British found themselves at a distinct disadvantage against French cannons.

So much so, that the Duke of Wellington forbade his gunners to engage in counter-battery fire against the bigger French weapons and ordered them to concentrate on firing on enemy troops.

The anti-personnel bias of British artillery was boosted by the invention of a fused spherical case-shot that was designed, by General Sir Henry Shrapnel, to explode over the heads of enemy troops and shower them with musketballs.

British cannon barrels were brass, with the carriages, wheels and limbers painted grey while metal pieces were black.



15th Nov 2004, 19:20
Ah, sorry m8, mistake on my account. Didnt relise u speak specifically about artillery woodwork. Though u ment woodwork in general as a farmers house or so.

Thanks for info on artillery :)

I also think its good if they pay attention to historical details but no one can know it all (i got a masters in history and didnt know of this artthing for instance). If doing everything historically correct would mean they had to cut back on other efforts such as gameplay id say gameplay is more important but as long as they get free feedback from potential customers it should be easy to for instance correct the artillerycolors :)



Capt. Hatter USN
16th Nov 2004, 03:41
Ney is quite right. I have a MA in History and knew that...one wonders what kind of institution you attended.

16th Nov 2004, 10:33
Well mr capt, hatter usn;

First of all I apologized to Ney and explained that i had understood his post wrong and i also acknowledged and thanked him for info, so i wonder what is the purpose of ur post captain hatter?

You mean to tell me you know everything of things past? Then please tell me the number of cases handled by the local courts in the swedish province of Jämtland years 1647-48 regarding diffrent kinds of obstinacy (or maybe the english word is defiance). Example of a relevant issue is for instance if a farmer refuses to do infrastructure work he was supossed to do.

If you find the above hard, well then maybe you instead could give me a summary of the relation between Samuel Pepys and his patron Montagu regarding what they did for eachother as patron and client - afterall that is a british relationship so should be no problem for you. Surely all history masterstudents in the world reads Pepys journal :p. If I remember correct Pepys even had a college named after him at cambridge or oxford (sorry for unprecise knowledge :p) so it should be easy.

Second, maybe they dont teach about the colors of british artillery during napoleonic era in a swedish university.

If you try to tell me that is common knowledge among historians throughout the world I say ur not telling the truth. I would dare to guess not even among british masterstudents in history is this common knowledge. For me that is very specilized knowledge. I cant see any reason for a historyprofessor to take valuble time and tell me what color was the artillery painted in - not even the swedish artillery. (not saying it is not intresting, only saying its a special intrest that i strongly doubt is givven lecturetime even in england - whos artillery we are discussing)

Since we are on the subject why dont u instead tell me the institution where they put such emphazis on matters like color on british artillery?