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11th Nov 2004, 04:08
i found a few songs or ambient tracks i really loved, and also reminded me of a few from thief II i loved.

anyone know a way to get them to listen to on a CD?

11th Nov 2004, 04:30
You can use the DXIW sound drone, I just can't remember where to get it right now.

When you get it go to C:\Program Files\Thief - Deadly Shadows\CONTENT\T3\Sounds (or wherever you installed it) and open one of the .csc files using it (any one of the five).

Look for the sound you want and extract it using the program. They will either be in .wav or .ogg format, if it is in .ogg format you will need to either download a program like winamp to play them or use a freeware program to convert them to a different format.

11th Nov 2004, 14:52
Almost all of them are in .ogg format.

18th Nov 2004, 12:39
is there songs in thief ds?

i have not noticed any yet.any advice?