View Full Version : Dark loader problem

evil Garrett
10th Nov 2004, 11:29
OK, maybe i'm stupid, but i couldn't load my mission with dark loader. How can i do this?:confused:

John D.
10th Nov 2004, 17:11
Double check your zip file. Make sure you have your .mis file, custom gamesys, intrface and strings files etc. It's easy to forget and leave something out if you're not careful.

evil Garrett
15th Nov 2004, 18:34
I've done everything you said, but there is another problem- when i load my FM throgh Dark loader i saw that all human archetypes(i mean guards and servants, you know) are stay in the air withot moving. They are moving only when i play the FM in DromEd mode. Whats wrong with them, can i fix this?:(:confused:
BTW, i even load convict & gen scripts.
Please help.

John D.
15th Nov 2004, 20:10
Is your version of Thief 2 1.18? If it's an earlier version you may have to patch it. I think www.thief-thecircle.com should have it.

evil Garrett
16th Nov 2004, 11:33
Yes, my version is 1.18, i'll update it and i hope that should do the work. Thank you.

16th Nov 2004, 11:39
If your Thief 2 is version 1.18 then it won't need updating.

Check your Dromed version. That should also be 1.18.