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Spaghetti Hoops
10th Nov 2004, 10:41
Well when I first read up and saw the screen shots for this game I thought 'Holy cr*p,this is what Ive been waiting for since Waterloo on the Atari ST' I was very impresed to say the least!
But to my dismay it seems that unit sizes are going to be quite small (as confirmed when I watched the trailer).Ok I guess being an experienced TW series player I might have held my expectations a bit too high, but 2000 sprites?Hmm I hope theres an option to increase unit sizes quite considerably (like TW series) for people with modern (ish) comuter hardware. This I believe would broaden the fan base considerably IMHO. Any thoughts? (Please no 'F**k off and play RTW then...' flaming.;) )

11th Nov 2004, 04:08
unknown. only the deves would know if the unit sizes are changable. You should have tried Nap total war ( a mod), for a while had a large on-line following.

11th Nov 2004, 22:59
They aren't sprites though, they're full 3D models with high-depth textures.

12th Nov 2004, 21:57
That may not be good news, Rome tw has great 3d anamation but at the distance you need to keep to properly command your units the sprites of Medi looked better.

13th Nov 2004, 16:08
I disagree, I think it looks great at any distance. Although, maybe my computer is just more powerful than yours, have you got all the graphical settings on low?

13th Nov 2004, 17:20
No wolfie, ive got a VERY good computer, and the settings are on high, (you cant be involved in STW/MTW multi for what 5 years? with a secound rate PC) I agree that the up-close graphics of RTW are stunning, but at the distance at which you need to be in order to see them all, so as to effectively command them, they are so small that they are far from stunning. At such a (command)distance they are not as good as the sprites of Medi. Further, if you had tried (or did try) the mod HTW you would see also that C.A. did not do the best job they could have on their sprites. I must ask how far back do you get to view your units? I find most people playing single player are rather intent on the action (in all the TW series) and keep the camera at a 'comfortable' distance.
I how-ever just dont find single player of much intrest, so I do multi only (stw-rtw). I multi the competion is 'a bit' better than single player and watching the action (rather than commanding your units) is the fastest way to end up watching from the side-lines. This means having your entire army within view all the time.

14th Nov 2004, 22:42
I like to zoom out, sometimes as far as you can, in order to survey the field and give orders etc, i spend most of my time zoomed out. Maybe its a difference between our monitors, maybe even our eyes or perhaps just a difference in the scale of props and other objects messing about, trees and walls seem much larger in Rome than in Medieval, but I think the battle engine in Rome far, far surpassed that of Medieval.

14th Nov 2004, 23:21
Will have to agree with Lahll here as i think most of the about 500 multiplayers that signed the "rome petition" would also. In rome it is very very much harder to keep track of ur units then it is in MTW - the overlook of battle is much worse in Rome.

The battle engine i cant say much about since i dont know exactly how it works in rome (for instance where is the morale stat of units and what are penalities and bonus in morale) but i can say this much - until they have released a very very solid patch for rome the game is not half as good as medieval.

I hope the developers of this game make their own game but if they look for inspiration i sure hope they look more to mtw then to rtw - there might be good things in rtw but they are hidden in all the mistakes.

I have not played rtw for 2-3 weeks now instead again playing mtw and now i am eager for this imperial glory to come along. Especially since i see several familiar faces from totalwar posting here :)

As for unitsizes i would be surprised if one couldnt choose from small to big but the important thing is that the units do what they are told when they are told and that one can see what unit is chosen for action and so on, i.e. the way it is in mtw and not in rome.



Spaghetti Hoops
15th Nov 2004, 14:25
If IG used the MTW engine then yes I guess we could have epic battles like Waterloo and Boradinno(sp?) as the models were quite basic (but looked good all the same) and wouldnt require a computer the size of Belgium to run.But it seems Eidos have gone for pretty graphics as in RTW with a smaller number of units, so I guess its a case of give and take at the end of the day. On a personal note I would prefer the former but there ya go.

15th Nov 2004, 15:11
Originally posted by Spaghetti Hoops
for pretty graphics as in RTW

Pretty graphics in RTW, where :confused:

15th Nov 2004, 16:13
Tenjo said it well, Also (for Tenjo) I dont recall where but I did read that the developers reduced the effect of all the combat modifiers for RTW. Thats made the game more like Age of Empires, and less like Shogun. Also reduced was morale. In all RTW seems to be made more like an arcade game and far less like a realistic tactical combat simulation. Eidos has not yet produced a game like either RTW or STW so we can not yet tell what Imperial Glory will be like (only hope). Alot of people were much involved with Total War because it was a brilliantly done tactical combat simulation, Total War moved away from that with the release of Rome; and many vets of Total War (myself included) are looking to move away from Total War. In a last (for Wolf) in multi player (MTW/RTW) Im always at max camera angle, in a rather high resolution, I dont do single much but when I do I will zoom in, and the graphis (for Rome) are very nice.

15th Nov 2004, 19:00

- Joe

Vic Flange
16th Nov 2004, 10:19
Just to confirm, all units are 3D models, not sprites. And they look great close up and far away... but then I would say that wouldn't I? :D

16th Nov 2004, 21:39
Originally posted by @m
Pretty graphics in RTW, where :confused:

Download the gloss mod (so that all the armour is nice and shiny), edit the "descr_auto_optimise_options" file so that you can pump the resolution up to 1600 by 1200 and get that AA to 8x... Then you will see nice graphics ;)

Spaghetti Hoops
18th Nov 2004, 08:41
Hmm this thread seems to be veering off topic.Sooo back to unit sizes.As this game seems to be based around the Napoleonic wars how are you (the devs) going to simulate the large battles that took place during that time with the number of units available? Oh and as a TW vet myself I do agree with you that the arcadey feel of RTW is pants,so I hope IG doesnt go down that path and turn into a Napoleonic C+C!