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7th Nov 2004, 23:02
ok..ill admit it i am a huge noob but i need some help. Im doing the training mission and i just knocked the guy at the main desk out with the blackjack. he's on the floor and the directions are to pick him up and move him BUT ITS SO DARK i cannot find him... i have literally been looking for him for 20 minutes! Are my settings too dark? or what.. i played thief the dark project and it was never this dark.

Help please

7th Nov 2004, 23:25
Here's The ScreenShot (http://www.geocities.com/raging4freedom/Thief_Screenshots)

7th Nov 2004, 23:28
Settings definitely too dark. Or you need to clean your glasses. Or get glasses ;)

7th Nov 2004, 23:31
Use ESC while you are standing over the body. go to TITLE MENU. Go to OPTIONS. On the AV panel, click on BRIGHTNESS. You will see the scene where you are in game.

Slide the Button as far to the right as you need to to give you enough light. You can see the picture lighten as you move the slider.

It shows the part of the game play where you actually are at the time you make the adjustment, so you don't have to do a lot of guessing.

8th Nov 2004, 00:25
Yeah...i found it but no matter how bright i make it it is way too dark...its all black no matter what brightness i do..in the brighness settings it looks fine but during gameplay everything is black! Im so frustrated! SOMETHING MUST be wrong in my technical settings...I need help...

8th Nov 2004, 00:27
lights illuminate nothing...there are absolutly no shadows!!! there's just a little orb around a light and thats it

8th Nov 2004, 00:56
List your SYSTEM

Video Card?
Sound Card?

These are the most important. If you don't know, then go to www.belarc.com and download and run ADVISOR.

It will tell you everything you, and we, need to know.



The Name, make and model of your VIDEO CARD. And the DRIVER VERSION YOU ARE USING.

The Name Make and Model of your SOUND CARD. Or if it is ONBOARD SOUND.

8th Nov 2004, 02:14
I have a Pentium 4- 2.4 GHz CPU
A Radeon 9200 Video Card with DirextX 9.0
Windows XP Home
and my sound is running fine on thief so i dont really think soundcard is important
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

8th Nov 2004, 02:18
Have you updated the RADEON CAT drivers?

Squeaky Yugi
10th Nov 2004, 01:59
Use you mechanical eye to find it. Have you been putting out all the torches you come to? I reccomend that you don't do that.

11th Nov 2004, 03:40
have you tunred up the brightness on your moniter?

after than the settings in thief III make the brightness so washed out it is amazing you can't see everything.

only other thing i can suggest is right click desktop, properties, go to the settings tab, then "advanced" and fing the color correction / gamma adjust. turn up the gamma on your video card.