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John D.
7th Nov 2004, 23:01
I've been working on converting an old T1 mission to T2. I have it nearly ready to go in T2, however I have the problem of the old objectives that are still in the mission quest data. How can I clean that out so I can redo the objectives?

8th Nov 2004, 04:47
like... "quest_delete goal_state_0"
and so on and so on for everything in mission quest data...
i don't -think- there's a shortcut to just wipe them all out, unfortunately, & you have to do each one at a time (unless you make a text file and run that, i guess, but you'd still be typing each one out so it's not so much of a shortcut really)

John D.
8th Nov 2004, 08:47
Whoops! I found some old notes of mine that had a list (I think it was Hit Diety that created it)
quest_delete goal_type_0
quest_delete goal_type_1
quest_delete goal_type_2
quest_delete goal_type_3
quest_delete goal_type_4
quest_delete goal_type_5
quest_delete goal_type_6
quest_delete goal_type_7
quest_delete goal_type_8
quest_delete goal_type_9
quest_delete goal_type_10
quest_delete goal_type_11
quest_delete goal_type_12
quest_delete goal_type_13
quest_delete goal_type_14
quest_delete goal_type_15
quest_delete goal_state_0
quest_delete goal_state_1
quest_delete goal_state_2
quest_delete goal_state_3
quest_delete goal_state_4
quest_delete goal_state_5
quest_delete goal_state_6
quest_delete goal_state_7
quest_delete goal_state_8
quest_delete goal_state_9
quest_delete goal_state_10
quest_delete goal_state_11
quest_delete goal_state_12
quest_delete goal_state_13
quest_delete goal_state_14
quest_delete goal_state_15
quest_delete goal_irreversible_0
quest_delete goal_irreversible_1
quest_delete goal_irreversible_2
quest_delete goal_irreversible_3
quest_delete goal_irreversible_4
quest_delete goal_irreversible_5
quest_delete goal_irreversible_6
quest_delete goal_irreversible_7
quest_delete goal_irreversible_8
quest_delete goal_irreversible_9
quest_delete goal_irreversible_10
quest_delete goal_irreversible_11
quest_delete goal_irreversible_12
quest_delete goal_irreversible_13
quest_delete goal_irreversible_14
quest_delete goal_irreversible_15
quest_delete goal_target_0
quest_delete goal_target_1
quest_delete goal_target_2
quest_delete goal_target_3
quest_delete goal_target_4
quest_delete goal_target_5
quest_delete goal_target_6
quest_delete goal_target_7
quest_delete goal_target_8
quest_delete goal_target_9
quest_delete goal_target_10
quest_delete goal_target_11
quest_delete goal_target_12
quest_delete goal_target_13
quest_delete goal_target_14
quest_delete goal_target_15
quest_delete goal_visible_0
quest_delete goal_visible_1
quest_delete goal_visible_2
quest_delete goal_visible_3
quest_delete goal_visible_4
quest_delete goal_visible_5
quest_delete goal_visible_6
quest_delete goal_visible_7
quest_delete goal_visible_8
quest_delete goal_visible_9
quest_delete goal_visible_10
quest_delete goal_visible_11
quest_delete goal_visible_12
quest_delete goal_visible_13
quest_delete goal_visible_14
quest_delete goal_visible_15
quest_delete goal_loot_0
quest_delete goal_loot_1
quest_delete goal_loot_2
quest_delete goal_loot_3
quest_delete goal_loot_4
quest_delete goal_loot_5
quest_delete goal_loot_6
quest_delete goal_loot_7
quest_delete goal_loot_8
quest_delete goal_loot_9
quest_delete goal_loot_10
quest_delete goal_loot_11
quest_delete goal_loot_12
quest_delete goal_loot_13
quest_delete goal_loot_14
quest_delete goal_loot_15
quest_delete goal_final_0
quest_delete goal_final_1
quest_delete goal_final_2
quest_delete goal_final_3
quest_delete goal_final_4
quest_delete goal_final_5
quest_delete goal_final_6
quest_delete goal_final_7
quest_delete goal_final_8
quest_delete goal_final_9
quest_delete goal_final_10
quest_delete goal_final_11
quest_delete goal_final_12
quest_delete goal_final_13
quest_delete goal_final_14
quest_delete goal_final_15
quest_delete goal_bonus_0
quest_delete goal_bonus_1
quest_delete goal_bonus_2
quest_delete goal_bonus_3
quest_delete goal_bonus_4
quest_delete goal_bonus_5
quest_delete goal_bonus_6
quest_delete goal_bonus_7
quest_delete goal_bonus_8
quest_delete goal_bonus_9
quest_delete goal_bonus_10
quest_delete goal_bonus_11
quest_delete goal_bonus_12
quest_delete goal_bonus_13
quest_delete goal_bonus_14
quest_delete goal_bonus_15
quest_delete goal_optional_0
quest_delete goal_optional_1
quest_delete goal_optional_2
quest_delete goal_optional_3
quest_delete goal_optional_4
quest_delete goal_optional_5
quest_delete goal_optional_6
quest_delete goal_optional_7
quest_delete goal_optional_8
quest_delete goal_optional_9
quest_delete goal_optional_10
quest_delete goal_optional_11
quest_delete goal_optional_12
quest_delete goal_optional_13
quest_delete goal_optional_14
quest_delete goal_optional_15
quest_delete goal_max_diff_0
quest_delete goal_max_diff_1
quest_delete goal_max_diff_2
quest_delete goal_max_diff_3
quest_delete goal_max_diff_4
quest_delete goal_max_diff_5
quest_delete goal_max_diff_6
quest_delete goal_max_diff_7
quest_delete goal_max_diff_8
quest_delete goal_max_diff_9
quest_delete goal_max_diff_10
quest_delete goal_max_diff_11
quest_delete goal_max_diff_12
quest_delete goal_max_diff_13
quest_delete goal_max_diff_14
quest_delete goal_max_diff_15

What I did then was to take one of my old .cmd files that I had created with TOW, open it with the edit command and paste this over into it. Now all objectives are gone! :D

8th Nov 2004, 13:57
That list's incomplete.
For example there are no commands to delete goal_min_diff


gold (some levels, e.g. T2 OM #1, specify more than just 'total' loot)
specials (?? the Silver Fireplace poker has a specials flag)

I think that covers it, but to be sure, once you've run the command, go to the Eitors menu and select Mission Quest Data.
I think there sould only be two left - LibBooks and DrsSecrets.

evil Garrett
10th Nov 2004, 10:57
Originally posted by John D.:

I've been working on converting an old T1 mission to T2.

Wow, thats interesting, i didn't heard such type of operation before.:)
How can i convert T1 mis to T2?

John D.
10th Nov 2004, 17:16
Well the way I did it was to open the .mis file in T2 after I editied the dark.cfg file so that the object min was larger, then I entered the command purge_missing objects, saved then changed the dark.cfg file back to it's orignal number. The bad thing is that you lose a lot of texutres/objects so you have to do some rebuilding. I think there's a tutorial on dromed central
on how to do the process in a better way, but since the level was small I just went ahead and did it the hard way.

10th Dec 2004, 16:57
The specials flag allows you to make a "Steal this object" with a loot objective.

You see, when objects enter a stack, their ObjID sometimes gets lost, so if an object is loot, you can create a "Steal this object" objective by using a "steal loot" type objective, but instead specify a special that matches the special flag on the object, that way ConVict can see when the object has been taken, instead of loosing track of it when it combines and its ObjID is lost FOREVER!


Spike14 :thumb:

15th Dec 2004, 14:34
I know what the Specials flag does :p but when I made that post I didn't have access to Dromed or TOW so I couldn't tell if it became a quest variable or if it was only called upon once the item had been stolen.