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7th Nov 2004, 10:04
I just finished thief III and there are some questions left in my head.....
Here we go:
1)Where are the cocoons of the pagans I am supposed to shoot at?I never encountered any cocoon in the game...:(
2)When you are about the mansion quest the widow of the dead captain asks you for a glass of wine....so you listen when you enter the main whole of the mansion....the two chicks chating about that.Well I never guess what to do to solve this side quest
also I took the money which were supposed to live for the widow...
3)I was running away from some watch guards in the Old Quorter and I accidently ended up in some iron gate with a switch next to it...so I pussed the switched and runned some more and then another iron gate came down and I was locked OUTSIDE!!!Later I discovered that was the entrance to the cemetery(...graveyard).Oh well I wanted not to kill the pagan shaman (cause I was allready allied with the Hammers and I wanted the faction to change from neutral to allied also with the pagans' guild) and I decided to go to the graveyard and complete this sidequest and finaly make an alliance with the pagans.....BUT i have finished the game and I never even shet foot in the graveyard any suggestions?
4)When you are about to enter the museum in search of the last 3 sentiants(artifacts or so...) you find a letter in the tunnel.In that letter someone knows that you are about to intrude the museum and suggests to make a visit at his/her shop.That person has a name which I dont recall it now.My question is where is that shop and who is this person????
5)I buyed a silver lock from a male trader (dont remember from which part of the city)....Whats the use of it?It doesnt show up as an item I own......I havent checked my appartment at the south quorter ...It might be there?
6)Through out the many missions you complete you end up with some itams and key in your Item Menu.Most of them have no use at least I didnt find any use of them like some items by the name of "Key" or the itam you loot at your first mission "Velvet Bag".
7)hmmmm something else where should I aim my moss arrows so the pagans will forgive me?I have shooted at their green mark but nothing happens.
8)Whats the use of the mechanical eye?I didnt find it like something usefull.Maybe it helps you to loot 100% or what?
9)How you end up with Lauren's bottle of blood when you have thrown it out of the institution????And I was anxius when the ghost asked me twice if I had her blood and her blood didnt show up im my inventory...well reliefed when I saw the bottle in Garrets hand in the video of the marks.
10)I dont know if this is a bug but when I escorted the ghost of Layren to the Hammerites fortress at the old quorter I found a the map of the fortress inside a tomb and I took it I pressed m and the map was wotrkinf fine.Then in the last mission when you have to place the artifacts in certain momuments inside the fortress the the map I have accuried did work....
.....I hope my questions didnt tired .....
I am looking up for answers plz :D

7th Nov 2004, 16:25
I'll try to explain this one step at a time. There's a few notes and other information you should look at, before posting all the questions at once like that. The spoilers are quite obvious in this thread so I don't mask the text.

1) The cocoons increases your status with the pagans, and are located in the docks and the park in Auldale (looks like a big portal with blue cocoons on it). Shoot with an elemental arrow (for instance moss arrow) and the faction will change.

2) I had a hard time figuring this out myself. Look around the mansion for a bottle of wine, not a glass. Drop it next to her and she'll talk to Garret. Don't know what will happen if you steal the money in the chest. I haven't found any kind of consequence but it may have an affect later in the game.

3) Someone else maybe can answer that. Since it's not very clear what you want, can you explain again what the question is?

4) It's a shop located in Old Quarter. Look at the shelf behind the storekeeper and you'll find some replicas to replace the artifacts (makes it easier so nobody will notice they're gone).

5) You can buy several practise locks for instance iron or gold depending on the difficulty. It will later show up on the wooden board in Garret's apartment. It's just for practise and is not essential for the game.

6) It depends if they have an automatic function in the game. For example the climbing gloves will be used as soon you'll get close to a wall, you cannot choose it from an inventory. I suppose the bag contains the loot that has been collected, hence Garret's 'money' to buy items in the shops (in order to collect loot, to buy new items, to collect loot etc, etc ;) ).

7) There should be another thread about this somewhere. In any case they're a brownish symbol that looks like a spider. They're located around the city, at a shop in Black Alley for instance. Shoot at it and if you hit correctly it will change in shape.

8) It's one of the artifacts and needed to complete the game. Also it gives you some info during the game.

9) Is it the same bottle? Can't remember how he got it. It don't show up in the inventory like some other items.

10) That's a rather odd thing about the maps, I don't recall getting some of the maps and yet I had them during the mission. Could be a bug or is somehow connected to on what difficulty you're playing.

7th Nov 2004, 17:01
8) The mechanical EYE is in Garretts head. It is a TELESCOPE. You can use it to get a better look at things in the distance.

9) You drop the blood vial into a drain that feeds OUTSIDE of the building. Then Garrett just picks it up on his way by when he leaves.

3) That is the gate at the beginning of the mission where you are escaping from the keeper compound. If, at the start when you are hiding in the bushes, you enter that passage as the keeper assassin leaves, you can throw that switch and it will lock you in the passageway.

I have not yet found a way to progress further in that tunnel.

1) The cocoons are in two locations. Look for what looks like two elephant tusks stuck in the ground with little bluish balls hanging on them. One in the park at Audale, and one in the park at the Docks.

The cornerstones are NOT GREEN. Most of us seem to be misreading the note. It says GREENSEY MARKINGS. They are at ground level, are a earthy brown in color, stick out a little from the surrounding stone, and have a black symbol on them that looks a bit like a spider.

Mr. Perfect
7th Nov 2004, 21:14
I raised the same issue with the bottle. I maintain that the drain he dropped it into went to the sewers, not outside, and that it's just a plot iregularity. Other's however figure that the lawn is used as a sewer in the Thief universe, and Garret just picked it up again when he went outside. Why? Who knows. The ghost never said to, but then again kleptomaniacs can't really help themselves. ;)

BTW, I've shot the cacoons a few times and nothing really happened. Are they supposed to grow over time or something?

7th Nov 2004, 23:25
You put 1 of each arrow (fire, moss, gas, water) through the center each day. It increases your standing with the pagans.

But it costs 4 arrows EACH DAY.

Mr. Perfect
8th Nov 2004, 02:32
Oh, I see. But does it do anything other then that? Does it start to grow and spawn Pagan critters or some other cacoonish thing?

8th Nov 2004, 03:20
Simply put. No. Along with the cornerstones, it merely adds to your faction standing with the Pagans, as the "Kill the Undead, and Rust mites, does with the Hammerites.

I forgot. Faction alliances do get you some surprise benefits later, but only if you are paying close attention to Garrett's needs and the potential of the game.

Most folk miss some of the subtleties in the choices of player movement.

Don't rush through the play, and remember Garrett DOES HAVE A HOME. :p

12th Nov 2004, 23:49
Originally posted by theBlackman
You put 1 of each arrow (fire, moss, gas, water) through the center each day. It increases your standing with the pagans.

But it costs 4 arrows EACH DAY. nope... you can use any elemental arrow, shoow 20 moss arrows if you want.

within 1 day of the chance to be allied with pagans / hammers i was allied the rest of the game with both