View Full Version : How many save files to keep?

7th Nov 2004, 07:23
I read on the Eidos FAQ that repeatedly saving over a game file can corrupt it, and it was suggested to save to a new file every time. So I've been doing that, and of course they've been stacking up. Are corrupt files normal, or is it unnecessary to have so many saves?

Also, when I right-click and delete a saved file, does it delete it from my HD, or just the list?

7th Nov 2004, 07:32
I have over 280 meg and no problems with the files. As to the DELETE, I can't help you there.

If you overwrite it in the same save location IE. 10/06/04 Audale 16:45:26 is the new CREATE SAVE, and you click on 10/05/04 Inner Quarter 00:23:01 as the place you want it, I presume it just does a normal overwrite.

I would expect that the REMOVE just does the normal delete from index. If it is not showing up in your recycle bin, then it's just being removed from the SAVE GAME INDEX FILE.

7th Nov 2004, 07:34
Thanks again. Time to get back to it! :)

18th Nov 2004, 12:41
i have no errors so far.
but it is good to have a few saves.