View Full Version : Game resetting the default.ini file

7th Nov 2004, 06:23
when you goto a new level does the game reset the default.ini file for the curent game because i was looking for cheats and modding the game and if you change the default.ini file

the section that has the multiplyer of the dameage the enemy does if set to 0.0 then once you get to the second level where you have to sell the opal the enemy now does damage only works for the first level :/ anyone know this problem

or have an answer



7th Nov 2004, 07:38
I HATE CHEATS. If you have to make the character an invincible superman, impervious to damage in order to save your ego and play. Then find another game.

I know, the kiddies like to think that they "improve" the game because they can brag "I beat the game" when they cheat through it, but it still ticks me off when people can't play the game, any game without an advantage.

Counter to EGO building opinion, winning is NOT everything.

*picks up soapbox and mumbles off into the night.*

7th Nov 2004, 08:01
The game should revert to default ini settings after every level transition/load period.

7th Nov 2004, 09:43
yea doesn't seem to i'll have another look at it

and i have already finished the game i jsut want to do everything possible eg lsiten to all convos see what enemys do when they can't find u heaps and keep trying to kill you and u run away etc.