View Full Version : Control Input Crash

6th Nov 2004, 05:04
I have this really wierd bug in Theif 3 that causes the game to crash.

When i click on a setting in the control inputs menu, it crashes to desktop. It never used to do that. Reinstalling didn't fix it.

I remember the only change i made is deleting a whole bunch of saved games manually through Windows. Then i noticed when i started a new game, the controls were reset, i went to try and reset them the way i want them to be, and it crashed when i click on a control binding.

So i have to set the controls in the ini file manually...

6th Nov 2004, 05:10
Try removing any USB control devices like a flight stick or a gamepad (mice/keyboard should be fine).

6th Nov 2004, 05:19
I unhooked my sidewinder joystick and that fixed it.

I don't understand, how coudl that have caused a problem :-/ ?

6th Nov 2004, 05:22
It's totally weird and totally a known issue