View Full Version : Problem Loading game

6th Nov 2004, 03:43
Every time I try to play the game, the disc spins and I get a window which states: "Please insert the original disc and not a backup disc." What's going on here? And how do you change difficulty settings in a game?

6th Nov 2004, 04:28
Do you have 2 CD players? Or a DVD/CD combo and a CD? Try the other unit if you do. The disc must go in the same one used for installation.

As for the difficulty, you don't. The Training mission and city levels are always EASY. Only when the game gives you specific missions can you change the difficulty.

Also, be sure to apply the patch (SEE THE IMPORTANT THREAD about the PATCH) at the top of this forum page.

6th Nov 2004, 20:18
I have a DVD/CD combo. The DVD player is the top drive; the CD player is the bottom drive, above my floppy slot. I used the CD drive to load the game and to attempt to play the game. I haven't tried the DVD player because I didn't load the game there. I have to try to load several times and keep getting that window until finally the game starts. I don't like having to go through that every time.