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5th Nov 2004, 19:08
Starsiege:2845 is a total conversion MOD for the game Tribes:Vengeance, and will be based on the Starsiege universe created by Sierra/Dynamix. The MOD focuses on vehicular combat, in particular the Mecha aspects of games in the "Siege" series (Earthsiege I/II and Starsiege), and the marriage of infantry based ground units. The MOD is officially sanctioned by Sierra/VU Games and will be turned over to them upon completion for distribution.

We're currently looking for 3 more coders/scripters to join our dedicated team. Candidates should be well versed in object oriented programming (OOP) routines. Tribes:Vengeance is based on a modified version of the Unreal engine, so some experience with UnrealEd and UT scripting is desirable.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an all volunteer not-for-profit project. Since we are using intellectual property owned by Sierra/VU Games as the basis for our project you will be required to sign Non Disclosure Agreements. We have over 40 people from around the world working on this project, most are game industry veterans. If you are looking to break into the game development industry or build your resume this is a good opportunity.

If interested, please contact me directly by emailing me at trajan@clancore.net

Main site: http://2845.mechnex.net

What are people saying about Starsiege: 2845?

"Based on what we've seen of the Starsiege 2845 mod, it will be as professional and polished as more conventional titles produced at more traditional studios." - IGN

"The development team, staffed by volunteers from around the world, promises a lot, but it appears that everything is on track." - Gamespot

"...All modders could take a few tips from Clancore Design Group. You can expect good things from this project." -Computer Games

"In terms of both textures and overall design, the art looks fantastic. Starsiege 2845 provides ample inspiration for other modmakers." -PC Gamer