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5th Nov 2004, 00:09
hello all, new here.

in the forum description of this forum it mentions this is for deadly shadows, AND metal age.

i have deadly shadows, and love it,but it has re-kindeled my passion for playing thief II metal age.

though sadly i can not get it to work on my now windows XP machine.

is there a patch of some kind ot get thief II metal age to work under XP? i have googled it a few times, and searched edios site to no avail.

thank you in advance.

Old Man
5th Nov 2004, 00:45
Check out the TTLG Thief FAQ (http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=75031). There are several issues with the Thief games and XP as well as a bunch of other problems you may come across that are discussed there.

5th Nov 2004, 14:52
you can find your file here: http://www.thief-thecircle.com/media/patches/

5th Nov 2004, 18:51
I had the same problem and e-mailed the company about it, for their reply read below:

"You can fix this problem in Thief 2 by opening up the "user.cfg" file with Notepad, and editing the file. User.cfg is found in the Thief 2 directory on your hard drive. Open the file, and remove the ";" from the beginning of the line that says:


This command will become active when the ";" is removed and the file is saved. You should also update your graphic card drivers with the latest drivers available.

Note: using this command will cause a slight reduction in frame rate, so don’t use it unless it is necessary".

7th Nov 2004, 17:53

the safe texture manager was the trick.

now back to playing both, m an i still remember all the tricks i fgured out 2 years ago in thief II LOL

and i am trying to make it through deadly shadows with no outside help. kinda stuck, i shot a waret and moss arrow into this thing, and i need blood supposedly...

ill figure it out soon lol