View Full Version : An Excellent Book

4th Nov 2004, 13:33
Just reading 'Rifles' by Mark Urban. It's a history of the 95th Rifles from 1809 to 1815, using the differing experiences of six soldiers of the first company as a yardstick of sorts.

Well worth a look.

5th Nov 2004, 16:47
I am midway through this book, and would have to agree with you. I started it based on the recommendations at www.bernardcornwell.net , and i'm enjoying his unique non-fiction-ish approach to the peninsular campaign. Any more book recommendations, i can never read too many on this era.

6th Nov 2004, 12:07
'Redcoat' (can't remember the author right now) is also very good, covering the British soldier "in the age of horse and musket".