View Full Version : help in old quarter level in thief deadly shadows.

3rd Nov 2004, 03:48
How do i get to the keepers library from old quarter? i'm in old quarter now right in front of where i came into old quarter "ironwood"

I do see the keepers compaound on the map when i go there the gates locked/closed loks like.

my objective is to go tell the keepers in the keepers library about the old hag situtiation.

3rd Nov 2004, 07:15
If you are in the IRONWOOD map section, you are in the wrong place.

You need to get back to Stonemarket Proper. From the Pub near the South Quarter gate, go through the alley, and head for TERCES COURT.

Go back to the place you exited from the library the first time around. LOOK UP. Climb the wall and in the window.