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3rd Nov 2004, 00:02
Hello all,
I can't seem to get the patch plugged back in. I am trying to reapply it to the retail version of the game.

Q. Which folder should the fix be unzipped to. I have tried running it from the desktop but somehow after I doubleclick the extracted .exe, i just get an open text document telling me what the patch is supposed to fix.


3rd Nov 2004, 00:16
The exe will find and apply itself to the game. You don't tell it anything. Just RUN.

Play the game and look to see if the VER ## top right of the main TITLE PAGE MENU now says 1.1 if so then the patch is installed and all is well.

3rd Nov 2004, 00:39
Thanks for responding.

I should mention that I had previously applied the patch without much of a problem. It went in haltingly but the version # came up 1.1.
This time around, it's just not going in.
Any suggestions welcome!

3rd Nov 2004, 01:22
As much as I hate to say it. Reinstall OVER the current installtion, then reapply the patch.

At this point it can't hurt much.

3rd Nov 2004, 01:44
I'll give it a shot and post the result.

5th Nov 2004, 04:35
OK. Apparently the readme text that I was getting when I tried to plug in the patch, was an EULA, but the button (accept/decline I suppose) was hidden by the taskbar and of course I wasn't seeing it. Just out of idleness I hit [enter] and voila! Patch installed.
Thanks just the same.

5th Nov 2004, 05:07
Glad to hear it. Sometimes it is the simplest things that give us grief.