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2nd Nov 2004, 16:46
How do I get the monkey paw out of the tree in the Pagan stronghold? I shoot a water arrow at the left mark on the ground, right? The a moss arrow...is it the right mark? Then, what is needed for the third "offering"? I tried a broadhead arrow at the middle marking on the ground, but nothing.
Thanks for the help

2nd Nov 2004, 18:18
Go back to the lady shaman's quarters and READ THE NOTE. You don't and won't be allowed to leave the mission if you haven't and it tells you what to do.

2nd Nov 2004, 23:43
thanks. i read the note that told me what to do, I just didnt know what/how/who/where/huh etc to deal with offering number three. I have since used the search function and found out how to complete the instructions in the note. ...which I read....like a good boy...after I bashed in the lady's head.

2nd Nov 2004, 23:53
You meany you. A water arrow or two, or a gas arrow would have done the trick. :)

3rd Nov 2004, 00:15
Actually you can ghost the paw (up to taking it where thereafter the AIs trigger on its absence). To provide the biological item to unlock the clasping branches, you can find a specimen at the top of the stairs leading down to the basement. You'll have to haul it all the way down.