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2nd Nov 2004, 06:14
I was wondering if there has been any research done by the developers into recreating proper tacking and wearing for this period of ship (square rigged with stays)? Previous games have been a little slipshod on this part of naval warfare.


Wm. Bush

2nd Nov 2004, 15:16
I knew Capt Bush would do this as he knows how passionate I am about sailing. Ive complained abt how ridiculous the renderings of sails look in PB & AOS until the gents are tired of it. The real bug for me is that the art work of sail shape did not take into account how the curves, drawing and luffing of fore and aft and square rigged sails should look at various angles to the wind. In AOS the fore and aft sails appear to draw correctly on only one tack, on the opposite tack the sail curves obnoxiously to windward and makes me nuts.

The real issue beyond this however is more serious for the game engine though. It shows that the sails are not actually driving the icon that represents the ship. Only the angle to the wind is doing that. A true sailing simulator is geared to take all these things into account including leeway (the push to leeward by the wind), current and tide, wind shadow(one ship can take the wind from another in a close stern chase and the disturbed air of many ships can have various effects on the handling of vessels in a fleet; also it was always reported that the concussion of hundreds of cannon deadened the wind in the vicinity of a battle)and changes in wave shape(the ships simply go up and down on waves pretty much irregardless of what the wave action should be in a given wind strength.)

A lot of players have bristled at my lengthy discussions on the accuracy of a sailing simulator in more than one forum. I do not mean that complicated controls should take the place of smooth flowing game play, or that someone who knows a lot about aerodynamics and sailing theory (im not pretending to be an expert!) are the only ones who should be able to play the game well, rather I mean that the more of these considerations that are built into the game the better, they can largely be automatic and satisfy the question of authenticity. A large sailing ship is a wonderful thing and I believe modern computers can simulate it well as effectively as they do a modern jet fighter.


10th Nov 2004, 04:12
If the developer's are interested, several of us AOSII players have a lot of information on how exactly these square rigged warships with stays tacked and weared. Such as elapsed time, amount of cables it would take to tack, wear etc.

Always willing to help.


12th Nov 2004, 15:43
I hope that the naval model will accurately portray tacking of the Napoleonic Era, and not overemphasize being locked in irons as Age of Sail II: Privateers Bounty did. I believe that Age of Sail II, the first game, though flawed more accurately portrayed tacks of this period. Remember that stay sails had been in place for some time and that they largely solved the problem of square riggers tacking across windward.


12th Nov 2004, 20:32
Remember that stay sails had been in place for some time and that they largely solved the problem of square riggers tacking across windward.Some turn-based games require a skill check to determine whether ships locked in irons can change tack. Something like that could be introduced in IG to reflect difference in sailing skills.