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1st Nov 2004, 01:01
Congratulations to Eidos, Ion Storm et al. :D

I have just finished playing through Thief: DS and I have enjoyed it immensely from start to finish.

This was my first venture into Garrett's world, I am usually a more strict CRPG gamer, and it exceeded all my expectations.

The game is wonderfully atmospheric with NPC's who are well-acted and portray real character. The missions are thoughtfully challenging and I love that the game environment changes as the plot rolls on; once familiar places becoming threatening, enemies becoming allies.

My only gripes are that mantling is awkward, often needing several attempts to overcome easy barriers, and climbing does not seem to reach its full potential. Don't get me wrong, climbing is gloriously refreshing to me, having been an obsessive member of the Morrowind community for the last couple of years (a game without climbing). But I felt that I should have been able to take advantage of more rooftops and ledges. A couple of times, I forced Garrett up and over the edge of what appeared to be a flat rooftop only to discover a grand view of the back of the 'stageset', with a starry void dropping away to one side.

That aside, Thief: DS is the best game I have played since Morrowind and, from me, that's high praise.

Thanks chaps. :cool:

1st Nov 2004, 04:02
I can only urge you to get a copy of Thief Gold (or Thief: The Dark Project if you can't find that) and Thief 2. As long as you can see past the slightly ageing graphics, you will find atmosphere in spades and great storylines. Not to mention rope arrows...

Welcome to the fold. :)

Grey Mouser
1st Nov 2004, 19:02
Indeed...welcome Nigedo.

Glad to hear that you enjoyed Deadly Shadows, and Welcome to the Community!