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1st Nov 2004, 00:00
I have been stuck in Old Quarter for 2 weeks now I dont know what im supposed to do!

Im on Day Six been and done everything in Fort Ironwood all the portols to everywhere else is blocked off by metal gates :(
I have no dagger / batton thing to hit people with only my box and any arrows I find on the floor....

In Objectives there is nothing stated...
Have I completed it or??

Thanks to those who help
Im going insane walking around this dam city! :D

1st Nov 2004, 01:14
ESC. GOALS should show up. Use the BAR at the side. Put your ARROW just at the lower edge of the SUNBURST. Now click and scroll SLOWWWWWLY down.

If all the GOALS are checked off, then continue to the NOTES.

From IRONWOOD you can go to a number of PORTALS. At the GATES, look to the sidewalls. There is a niche doorway into a chamber that will have a GREYMIST. Walk into the mist and you pass through to another map section.

From Ironwood, exit the main gate. Go to the right. At the intersection if you go right then left you will go through an archway to a gate to the DOCKS.

If at the intersection you turn LEFT then right at the next corner, you will come to a gate to Stonemarket. There is a portal here also.

If the GOALS are not all checked off you need to do whatever is left on the list.

In the NOTES you may find some OPTIONS.

You can also enter RAMIENS again and check around. You may be ready for a side mission. The NOTES in your GOAL lists may have a few side missions listed. Check your notes often.

You can scroll down by using the sunburst (click at the lower edge to move it down) or you can jump to the bottom of your GOALS menu by clicking the blue point at the bottom of the bar.

To move up through the NOTES. Click at the hash marks. OR click at the upper edge of the sunburst. The scroll bar does not work as smoothly as you are accustomed. Tiny increments is best.

1st Nov 2004, 01:23
Thanks ill try it out now :)

1st Nov 2004, 01:28
Ok I checked and I have one Note:
Hauknor, a City Watchman is extorting the Old Quarter tavern for an expensive bottle of wine every night.

I cannot find this fellow anywhere will he have a weapon or just a normal guy?

The Portols are all blocked off I go through the portol but on the other side is a gate so I have to back into the portol back to Old Quarter. This Go's for all Portols in Old Quarter blocked off at the other end :(

Maybe if I find this Hauknor guy it will list some new options?

1st Nov 2004, 02:21
Just to make sure we are talking about the same thing. NOT THE GLYPHS but the portals themselves. At the side wall as you near the gate there is a doorway that opens to a small side chamber.

The portals are in here.

If the GLYPHS are still BLUE, you can pass through the GLYPHS.

If you exit Ironwood main gate turn right. At the corner is a doorway on the left with a sign board swinging above. This is the office of the officer. Be sure to check this room out very carefully. There is something else there besides the wine.

At the intersection turn RIGHT toward Ramiens, then LEFT. Stay to the left side and go down the stairs on the other side of the archway. There is something there you need to do to finalize the IRONWOOD mission.

1st Nov 2004, 10:40
More: Leave Ironwood to the right and go right at the corner then left then right then out to the docks.

Leave Ironwood to the left, go to the corner and turn right exit to Old Quarter.

The Portals are open at these two sites. The third is closed. The one down from the weapons shop.

1st Nov 2004, 13:33
The GLYPHS are Red, & every portol in Old Quarter is blocked off via a Gate at each end of the portol.
Iv looked everywhere in the Watchmans little house (where the book is)
& cannot find the wine!

If you like I can upload my Saved games to you if you like.

1st Nov 2004, 17:26
I just replayed the section. I left Ironwood with NONE of the side objectives finished.

If I go past Ramiens to the docks, there is an enforcer. I avoided him and, at the gate there is a opening on the right about 10 feet before the gate proper. Right turn into chamber, left turn and through portal. No problem.

If I exit to the street from the main entrance to Ironwood, turn left then right and go to the end of the street, there is a opening on the right just at the gate. Right turn into chamber, left turn through portal. No problem.

If you can't do this, you may have a corrupted file. You can try a SAVE from just before you entered IRONWOOD, and Replay the side quest. Or just skip Ironwood, and come back to do it later.

Sounds like a corrupted file to me.

I have no problem getting out of that city map section.

I am currently running the game in W98 while my other system is being rebuilt, so I think your XP saves would not work for me to check them.

2nd Nov 2004, 14:58
This entire thing is a spoiler, so I'm going to hide it.

If the glyphs are still red, then you haven't done the things necessary to remove the seal on them. If I remember correctly, when you wound up in the old quarter, being chased by the enforcers, first you needed to get to the fence's house, only to find him dead. There was a note there giving you a clue. From there you go to Garrett's apartment, where you find another note. I think the gate from Old Quarter to the Docks was open at this point, but it's been a while so I don't remember. From there, the note takes you to Black Alley where you find a new portal. Taking that leads into the graveyard in Fort Ironwood, where you meet with some renegade keepers, who give you a new objective, breaking into Keeper Orlands quarters in the Keeper Compound.

How far along this are you?

2nd Nov 2004, 18:15
Q You don't get into Ironwood unless you do go through Blood Alley.

3rd Nov 2004, 03:39
Really, BlackMan? I know you appear in the Old Quarter after the escape, but I didn't try going there. I figured you could go in that way if you wanted.

3rd Nov 2004, 13:13
Hi Guys,
i found the dead guys corps ages ago and I know theres a note saying go to Garretts apartment but garrets apartment isnt in Old Quarter is it? - if its in any other city I cannot get to it you see all blocked off at the other side...

Is there a way to restart the level / mission?

I will upload my Saved Games for you to have a look at and see if you can guide me with them...

3rd Nov 2004, 13:27

There is is, big Thanks to anyone who helps me out of Old Quarter im going insane I tell thee!

3rd Nov 2004, 16:28
I get a FILE NOT FOUND on all of the material.

I can DL an individual .WPG or other single file, but any full folder with Save title, which is needed to plug it in (180DE******, for example), will not copy.

How about using WinZip or Zipcentral on one of the Saves. That way perhaps we can DL the complete save file and try it for you.

3rd Nov 2004, 17:21
Oki I should have done that in the 1st place really...
Heres the ZIP file using the latest version of WinZip...


Thanks for the help guys I really appresiate it!

3rd Nov 2004, 18:11
Put the ZIP in the same directory you linked in the first attempt. The server will not allow access to a direct DL through the new ZIP link you posted.

I could access the original, and DL individual parts of the folders.

If you re-establish the Directory access, and put the Zip in as a file (in a folder), NOT AS A FOLDER ITSELF. Maybe I can get it then.

Or put it in but rename the EXTENSION TO TXT. I can rename it to ZIP when, and if it downloads.

Some servers will not allow direct DL of material by people not the actual subscriber to the page. One way to trick the server to let outsiders in temporarily, is to use TXT for extensions on JPG, MP3, and other files.

3rd Nov 2004, 20:04
Trie it again my ISP was having troubles with the servers...
I just tested it and it works..

4th Nov 2004, 07:01
I started your QUICK SAVE. You are in the wrong place for the wine bottle.

It is down the street where the BLACKBIRD is on the sign board. The one you want is the building on the left at the corner after you come out of the main gate at IRONWOOD.

The gates did not stop me the first time, but:

EDIT: A replay now finds the gates closed. This means that the ABYSMAL GAYLE was not cleaned out and the quarantine lifted. How this happened I have no Idea.

It appears your game has come apart.

See the note following the OLD MAN below. I will experiment some more with IRONWOOD itself to see if the situation changes when I come out the other side.

You might try a save file from

And pickup just before you went into Blood Alley and IRONWOOD.

Old Man
4th Nov 2004, 09:23
Um, I tried Rich_IX's saves too and I'm getting the same sort of problem as Rich_IX. When I actually use the portals and go through them, to either Docks or Stonemarket Proper, the gate at the destination end is still across the portal there and I couldn't go any further. Couldn't actually continue on into the streets of Docks or Stonemarket Proper. The only place I could go was back to Old Quarter -- back through the portal I'd just come through.

Now, since this is the first time I've fiddled with saves, I could easily have screwed up the unzipping and stuff and that may be the problem.

But I don't recall ever having a situation where the Objectives showed blank like I get here. Something's not right. Either the 'go to your fence' or 'look for clues at your fence's' or 'go to your apartment' Objective should be there, shouldn't it? For that matter, the Objectives that have been completed should still be there but checked off or crossed out (cancelled), shouldn't they?

I don't know what triggers those gates to be opened, they are closed earlier in the game, but I would have thought either as soon as Garrett arrives in Old Quarter or when he 'visits his fence' there might trigger it. Almost seems to me that we've gotten to Old Quarter ahead of schedule.

Or I'm not understanding something here.

4th Nov 2004, 10:17
I just ran it again. I got the problem with the closed gates this time.

I am going to checkout IRONWOOD. It appears that the Zombies are still running around, and it may be that some thing was left undone.

As for the GOALS, NOTES and RESTRICTIONS they are empty also. The Factions, Gear, etc. are there but no other in the three lists as you mention.

I have a new save for IRONWOOD at the top of the stairs on the outside terrace. I'll run from there tomorrow.

So we'll see what next. But it looks like one of his user files is buggered. Not the saves per se but the index.ion or some such.

4th Nov 2004, 12:21
Thanks guys! I thought I wasent doing anything wrong I was wondering how to get back to Garretts apartment when i cannot get out of Old Quarter!

Ill have to use someone else's Save Game as it looks as if mine went wrong somewhere down the line....