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31st Oct 2004, 03:28
Music4Games.net is reporting that a new website dedicated to the first ever video game music concert tour has been launched. The site gives some information about what game and music fans can expect with the recently announced game music concert tour titled "Video Games Live". The tour will feature the best music and video clips from the most popular games from the beginning of video gaming to the present.

Produced by award-winning sound and music composers Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall, the tour's organizers have already acquired the rights for the performances of Medal of Honor, Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, Myst, Advent Rising, Beyond Good and Evil, Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell, and Ghosts and Goblins with more major titles to be announced soon.

Tommy Tallarico, CEO of Mystical Stone Entertainment, LLC, the company producing the event said, "I've dreamed of this event my entire life! The timing for something like this is perfect and I can't wait for all the fans of video game music to see and hear what we're putting together."

Jack Wall, COO, Mystical Stone Entertainment, LLC, who is best known for his epic orchestral scores for the Myst series, said; "It always amazes me how many people continue to believe that video game music still sounds like bleeps and bloops! Tommy and I are certainly going to do everything we can to dispel that myth. Most of all, we're going to try hardest to simply entertain people with this show."

In addition to the exciting performance of game music, the concert tour will feature a specially designed laser and light show with sequences from between 15 and 20 different games in a wide variety of styles. Tallarico added, "Not only has a world tour of video game music never been done before, but the way in which we are presenting some of the segments has never been done in the entire history of entertainment or live concerts. Because the medium is video games, music and interactivity we are able to create a live experience never before seen or heard."

As revealed on the recently launched website, Video Games Live is not just limited to the United States, and is currently booking for the 2005-06 concert season with concerts beginning in early summer 2005. Visitors to the site are invited to sign up for updates as the event progresses, so head over to the official site for the Video Games Live concert tour for all the latest on this exciting event.




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