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29th Oct 2004, 20:30
I dunno if this is a good idea to anyone else, but what about a less linear plot?

Consider a game where you just need to knock of job after job, in any particular order, each order influencing how the game progresses.
The game should allow you to make choices in how you complete the task (number of enemies killed, or innocents saved/spared etc), thus moulding your character (much like the faction status in T:DS did).
The character moulding could influence peoples reaction to you, from friendly greetings to "wanted" posters on the wall to all out mob attacks if you become a bit of a mass-murderer as I always do!
It could be set in middle ages... perhaps bordering on a little more recent.
Perhaps the invention of primitave handguns/muskets (their use will obviously have a damage advantage but also a stealth disadvantage)

Perhaps a goal set to just grab as much loot as possible (you are a thief after all) , and post your high scores on the net. Instead of having one ciy with various quarters, having numerous castles and keeps which all pose varying infiltration difficulties, security strength and treasure value.
The posibility of working for one Lord, stealing as much treasure from rival Lords, pocketing your own share, without him becoming suspicious.

A network mode, where there are a whole bunch of human controlled thieves in the city, all trying to get as much loot as they can.
They could be up against AI or even Human controlled city guard who must try eliminate the threat.
The thieves can have a "night call" to allert other thieves for help, or even a "snitch" call to expose rival thieves, who would be tossed into a dungeon, or even just killed if they resist arrest.
The guards could merely call other guards for backup. (false alarms lower the guard's "reliability" status, thus lessening the chances of help coming when he calls for it again, leaving the poor bugger to fend off an attack himself!

This is a rough Idea, but I would certainly like a game along thoe lines.
Any suggestions?

29th Oct 2004, 22:44
What I found about 10 posts below Your's:
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Any kind of brainstorming there is encouraged (: .

30th Oct 2004, 00:16
Already a thread on this, add your comments and join the discussion :)