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27th Oct 2004, 06:50
I play TRAOD on the PC, I have installed the latest patch and video drivers, but stil....

- I can see _through_ certain shadows and even some of the guards (mainly in the 'Louvre' levels).

- I've used but two weapons, since Lara's weapons were taken away, I've never had a chance to get them back, so I've never used or had the need to use the stungun for example. (Currently I'm fighting Eckhart)

- I have 20 shards and counting, not that I pick any new ones up or something.

- In von Croy's appartment I could keep on picking up the same clip for the Lu(d)ger (? can't remember) pistol.

- And oh the controls, killing BOAZ, having to manually select the target is near impossible and very, very frustrating instead of nicely challenging.

Anyone has anything to add? Again? I'm sorry for starting a new trhead abvout the down sides of TRAOD, but the stress caused by playing TRAOD requires me to vent some of my worries so I can sleep tonight.
- And Lara (and Kurtis) go crazy when they are carrying a gun and an enemy is near, and I'm not pressing any buttons.

- The story is nice but not as nice as the previous ones, and how does Kurtis fall in with the story. He just bugs you twice, you play a level with him, and he dies. Whoo, now that's a novelty.

- Kurtis can't sprint, I can sprint with Lara for ever (there's no enery bar that decreases) And both have a very, very, annoying delay when they start running.

- When carrying a gun, and an enemy is near, try running away from it! 9 out of 10 times you run back into them, and then try to put away your gun once your hit. Stress, stress, stress

- The I-have-no-strength parts hardly adds anything to the story or level design. C'mon guys, just use the puzzle that needs solving.

Don't get me wrong. I like the entire TR series, but TRAOD is by far the most frustrating part, which makes it a stressfull instead of entertaining game. I've finished it quite fast (saving often is also a kind of cheat :D ) leaving me a bit unsatisfied and (just) stressed.

Level design is the best compared to the rest of the series, lots of things to see.

Next time, make it an entertaining experience, give me al east one gun with unlimited ammo, make all the guns count!
Give me puzzles, bosses I have to defat with a combination of wit and firepower. Give me more costumes for Lara. And most of all, RETHINK the controls, please!

And, oh, NEVER even THINK about using save points in a PC-game ;)

star girl
27th Oct 2004, 09:54
I love TRAOD,probably becoz I havent finished any other TR and I dont want to.TRAOD is the best for me.I was a little stressed in the lost domain,actually angry cuz Lara won't make it.But overall,I LOVE TRAOD :D !!!


27th Oct 2004, 13:40
I have just started the game, i had it sitting on my desk for months waiting to be brought to life with a new wiz-bang graphics card but personal problems put it way down on the to do list. As you say Pindakaas the game looks very nice and the story plausible and i love the stealth and hand to hand combat moves but suddenly Lara has only one leg or the floor dissapears and the frame rate is making my eyeballs tremble for five minute after i quit the game. I feel as though i've wasted my money on this Radeon 9600 wiz-bang card, maybe it's me but i just can't get the game to run smoothly enough to be more enjoyable. However this is early days i guess and it is nice playing with Lara again even if she has one leg..... still kicks arse.

27th Oct 2004, 13:53
I haven't got a top of the notch graphics card but TRAOD ends up nice enough on my screen.

Just seconds ago I've finished TRAOD. The final Boss(es) were extremely easy! Another let down, I had more troubles with boaz than with both Eckhart and the Nephy guy. I now know where Kurtis comes from, but he still doesn't fit in the picture. Maybe because I missed some bar cut-scene in the Paris backwaters, I saw Kurtis in a cafe there, but he never got introduced in the story. When I tried to talk to the barkeeper, he reacted as if we had already had a conversation....hmmm.

27th Oct 2004, 14:29
I guess we'll never know now just where Core were going with this game , it's obvious it was releases under pressure and far from the complete game it should have been. I suppose your going to start it all over again now :D , it won't be as stressful the second time around ............right :D

27th Oct 2004, 14:34
No, once played it ends up on the shelves as did the other TR games. I'm now going to play TR Chronicles, since I was playing it before I got my hands on a copy of TRAOD.

Next to that the TR games have a very low replayabillity. But I'm not complaining about that though (no really!). I hope to experience some good old fashioned tomb raiding ;)

27th Oct 2004, 14:48
Old fashioned Raiding.......I'm with you there, lets hope TR7 is full of it.........Cheers

White Metal

star girl
27th Oct 2004, 16:06
Originally posted by White Metal
Old fashioned Raiding.......I'm with you there, lets hope TR7 is full of it.........Cheers

White Metal

I want kurtis in Tr7 (improved) or I won't buy the game j/k.But I do want him back.