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27th Oct 2004, 04:52
So there I was. Playing TR3 as I wait for the next TR game and all of a sudden my new baby birdies start screeching! Loud. Really loud. Not unexpected if they were parrots. But they are PARAKEETS!! I've had keets before but I never heard anything like this. I had to leave the room!! The only thing I can think of is that they (all four of them) are mimicking parrots from the pet shop. I've read birds imitate sounds. Has anyone heard of this or had this problem? They are only 6 mos. old and I'd like to know how to get them out of this habit as soon as possible. The other keets loved the TR music and sang to it. Any other strange pet behaviour out there?

27th Oct 2004, 14:47
Maybe they were trying to mimic the crows in Jungle level of Tomb Raider III... :D


27th Oct 2004, 15:22
Sure they're not Mocking birds.................:D

27th Oct 2004, 15:27
Originally posted by White Metal
Sure they're not Mocking birds.................:D


29th Oct 2004, 01:38
LOL! You know what? They might just be mocking birds. One of them squeaks. It sounds exactly like a door is opening. Then I realized it was coming from the cage. LOL The squeaking is cute but I can't stand the screeching. So far No, no, no, doesn't mean anything. Today I tried to get them to perch on my finger but so far nothing doing. Guess they are still too young. Yes, I think they were talking to the background noise on the telly. Can I post a picture? How?

Black Hat
6th Nov 2004, 00:49
You can upload the picture somewhere. if you dont have it, you can email it to me, and Ill put it on my server. Then you can use the [*img]/[*/img] tags without the * to put it on the forums in a post.

But yeah - They probably mocked the sounds from the game. My cat is obsessed with 3. When Im playing it, she'll sit in front of the TV, and watch. She doesnt do it with any other game. Just that one.

6th Nov 2004, 05:23
Thanks Black Hat. Yes, I do have a cute picture of all four of them. But I am having a problem with my digital camera right now. We're trying to solve it and then I will email you a picture. Will you post it? I don't know how. You can tell me how or post it yourself. Vegas, huh?? My niece lives there. Maybe some day I'll get out there. Got a picture of the kitty? I can't believe I'm stuck in Lud's gate!! I printed the walkthru page. I'll try it later or some time this weekend. Chirp, chirp!!

9th Nov 2004, 15:59
That's funny dude my cats tail is like lara's hair. The cat is brown and black and the brown bits are the color of lara's hair sort of:D That moves like lara's hair the cats tail.

10th Nov 2004, 18:38
You could try giving them something interesting to listen to. How about piano concerto's.... or talk to them more.
Birds in captivity do tend to get bored easily, they just need regular stimulation.

11th Nov 2004, 06:33
Oh boy, is that true!! They sure do want a lot of attention. I am training them to perch on my finger. Two have , two haven't. They like to watch the telly and listen to music. Classical mostly. I also have an Audubon tape, they enjoy that. They ate their first people food, lettuce. Do you have any pets? I wish everyone would have a pet. Fur or feathers, doesn't matter. They are a total joy to have around. Too many of them are homeless. It's so sad. There is a website that I check into everytime I log on, first thing. It's for homeless animals and by clicking for free it provides food. If anyone is interested it's "theanimalrescuesite". Just thought I'd mention that!!

11th Nov 2004, 18:51
I used to have many pets over the years Lizzy, cats, dogs, birds, mice.....not all in the same cage LOL, but lately I see too many pets bored and seem that they'd rather do things more natural to their species.

It's not so bad when human interaction keeps them occupied, but too many people get pets without a thought to their needs (not purposely of course) I mean i'd love to be a cat in Catsuits and Gorans household ..... Meow!! :D

12th Nov 2004, 06:16
Yes, you're right. Not all pets are happy and comfortable. My guys on the other hand are totally spoiled!! It's the only way I would have a pet. They have their own room and the vet told me how to birdie proof it for them so they are safe when they fly around. And, of course, they have their own playground. They have totally taken over the room. When I watch the news at night on THEIR telly if they want to go to sleep, I get yelled at and have to leave!! They take my stuff off the dresser and even started to empty the bin with my rollers in it. Three of them were on the bin, one was directing traffic and two were picking them up from each end and tossing them on the floor!! LOL I really do love birds. We never had a dog or cat, living in an apt. When I was young we had hamsters and fish. But parakeets, they are quite something else. Little curious geniuses!!

12th Nov 2004, 18:19
And I bet at least one is an extrovert, there's always one... :D

16th Nov 2004, 21:43
Right again!! That'd be Petey. He's very vocal about what he wants. But he is also the singer in the group. They all sing but he sings the longest and loudest. It's just so beautiful. He just learned to perch on my finger. Another one did also but the other two are just watching at this point. I did string some Cheerios for a treat but so far they haven't touched it. I'm wondering when it's okay to open the door and let them fly around the room and get some exercise. The vet said to be sure the mirror is covered so they don't think that's another room and fly into it and get hurt. Also to draw the drapes so they don't try to fly outside. Birdieproof the room. That's the trick! Take care.