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27th Oct 2004, 03:20
Question . . .

I am running an ope system WindowsXPpro. I would like very very much to take pics during gameplay in THIEF: Deadly Shadows and have no idea how too?

Is there a game command for pic taking in T:DS (best choice) or do I need to use WXPpro command (second choice) and if so what are either of the two commands for such?

Thanks mates and have a sneaky Halloween

27th Oct 2004, 03:32
Thief DS doesn't have an in-game screenshot command or bind unfortunately:(. There is hope though, try fraps (http://www.fraps.com). Fraps is a small program that runs in the background that can display frames per second, record short avi clips, and take screenshots. Give it a whirl and post some nice screens :).

27th Oct 2004, 13:21
Not sure, but doesn't the print screen (Print Scrn) function on your keyboard let you do that as well?
It's a bit clumsier, since you have to switch out of the program and paste into MSpaint or some other image capture software, but I've used it to get screenshots...

Mr. Perfect
27th Oct 2004, 20:00
You could use print screen, but the clipboard will only hold one screenshot at a time. If you don't mind alt+tabbing back to MS Paint or something in order to save each shot, then that's not a problem.