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26th Oct 2004, 12:25
Have somebody some information about skin of Mechanics Male withowt a mace? I need one for my intro mission to campaigne For Better Tommorow...

26th Oct 2004, 15:00
Hmmm, sounds like you may need a new model.

I don't know if you want to do this, but you could find the gif file used for the Mechanics Male, earase the mace part of the texture in a photo shop program, and then save it with a different name. The next thing to do is to put the new file in this folder:
the "." means where ever you put your Thief 2 folder.

Finally, goto DromEd and create a Mechanics Male, change his texture by going to propoties->render->mesh textures.

In the first section, type in the Mechanics Male .gif file (include extention)
In the second section, type in the new .gif file (also include extention)
Click OK until your back at the main DromEd screen. This may be a cheap way to do it, but I think its easier than creating a whole new model. I hope this helps...:)

26th Oct 2004, 16:37
Yea, sorry Gort, but this is what I know. New model is the wort way, which could be...

This section of inputing new texture into dromed, I know.

But, what I not have is a some texture of normal Mechanist Male skin. I have only Priest and Novice one...

And If I find it somewhere, how I recognize, where is in the *.gif the part with a mace? I recognize the mace, yeah, but there is some black place around. May I this black part erase too. That's what I know surely...

Thanks for advices. I need some skin of Mechanic Male to edit it myself. But I NEED one!!!

26th Oct 2004, 18:54
OK, first of all there are two different types. Ones taller than the other. I need to which of the two Mechanics Male you want.

And If I find it somewhere, how I recognize, where is in the *.gif the part with a mace? I recognize the mace, yeah, but there is some black place around. May I this black part erase too. That's what I know surely...
The mace texture that you got a hold of is only for the grabbible mace. Leave that one alone. We're dealing with the mesh folder, not the obj folder.:rolleyes:

If you have not done it already, extract the mesh folder. Find the txt16 folder within the mesh folder. This is where all of the textures for AIs are at. I think its something like MechMace.gif.

Anyway, there are three different .gif files. One Female and two Males.

Note: the darker skinned one is for the taller model.

In the .gif file that you wanted will have the mace texture part somewhere at the bottem of the .gif file. Follow the steps I gave you before. I hope THIS helps.

Let me know if you are still having some problems.:D

26th Oct 2004, 21:31
You are talking about some extracting.... Extracting what? I have no Male MachMace skin... This is my problem.... Thanks for helping, gort...

I think, that your advices will be great... but I need a skin and I have no one.... Maybe you can send me a one to my email (yohny@seznam.cz), or link there some link to page, where I can get one... or link me to some mission, whrer is one ...

27th Oct 2004, 15:11
All of the original textures, sounds, objects etc are kept in .crf files, which are located in Thief2\RES\
AIs and their textures are in mesh.crf

.crf files can be opened with WinZip, or any program that recognises .zip files.

To find out which .gif file to edit, open the Properties of the Mechanist and Add > Shape > Model Name.
It should be something like mecSlM01

Now open mesh.crf and look for any file with that name.
There will be four of them, with various extensions. Open the .e file with a text editor. Under MATERIALS it will say wich .gif file is needed.

Look in mesh.crf for that .gif file and extract it to Thief2\mesh\
It should automatically go into Thief2\mesh\[b]txt16[\b]
Rename the file and edit it in a graphics program (to put a solid black rectangle over the mace).

Then use the Render > Mesh Textures property on the AI.

1st Nov 2004, 12:58
Thanks, I think, that it will help.

John D.
1st Nov 2004, 18:17
Get Thief Media Edit at http://www.thief-thecircle.com/dromed/tools.asp
it will help you find stuff in the res files.:)

1st Nov 2004, 20:44
Yah, go to the link that John D. has provided, YohnY. You can get a lot of info from this site. I think that all beginner dromed users should go here.