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25th Oct 2004, 20:47
Hi forum :)

I tweaked the crapola out of t3 - except I havent messed around with jump - you can but i feel that would be a cheat -
I am close to a very smooth running game but can't stop
the slight "stuttering" I have

I'm now looking in the DampingFactorXY=60.0
DampingFactorZ=40.0 area - I loosened it up but had no effect,
[FrobOptions] makes no diff either,

can't find the command for checking my fps -
any help out there ?? :D

26th Oct 2004, 11:22
Check out this little cool tool:

Fraps (http://www.fraps.com)

27th Oct 2004, 14:13
Thanks Aditya -got it :cool:

does anyone know what Froboptions
actually does ?

I tried settings 1, 2 and 3 ? don't see anything tho:confused: