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24th Oct 2004, 15:17
in T R Chronicles, after i hit the bell with the laser light and and when one crow has turned into white pigeon , the above log with a golden goat face keeps moving, then what should i do to continue?plz help imm..

24th Oct 2004, 16:56
Hi vaidyaneeraj-3 :)

You go up the exit to your left, when Lara is facing the door. At the top there is a ledge. Don't get to close to the swinging log. Turn Lara so that the log is on her right and back her up so that her feet are at the edge. You want to jump back and grab the edge then move Lara right all the way around the ledge till you can pull up.

I think there is a switch in the room to the right of the birds that you have to pull first.

Chris Daly
16th Nov 2004, 22:39
Lara has to goes up the stairs to move another switch
that changes the other crow into a dove. The switch is
located on a platform the other side of the swinging log

Lara has to hang from the edge and make her way round to
that switch , avoiding the log isnt too hard. the walkthrough
suggests a safety drop, but I came back the same way
down the stairs.

Move the other dove to open the door at the middle level
where the palm trees are.

There are a few extras here too , you should already
have opened the other wooden door in the side passage
on the way to collect the second garden stone to get a few
items. There are more items across the rooftops in an
alcove near the orange tiled roof, but before that jump
across the gap which opened a door when you hit the
bell ( you activated a switch in there earlier )- suggest a
standing jump and grab, there are more items in the alcoves
off to the sides once Lara is back in that room. stand jump
and grab to get back again.

The orange tiled roof can be accessed from the wall running
around the edge where the palm trees are. Its on the
far left facing away from the bell. I found about 1 or two
steps sideways and standing jump gets Lara on to
the orange roof. Jump across the remaining gap to retrieve
the items and make your way back to the palm tree area
to get the saturn stone , and walk back out of there to
end the level.

Hope this helps, try the walkthrough from Stella if you get
stuck ... Im currently about 4 hrs ahead of you in this game
so check back with me if you need help.

Stellas walkthroughs are amongst the best

Cheers / Chris