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MagyarKhans Cham
24th Oct 2004, 09:45
An online campaign is much debated on TW and promised by its developers.

A so simple solution could have been for TW is that ur able to OUTPUT the battle uve to fight and HOST it online vs a HUMAN player and INPUT teh result of teh battle INTO the campaign.

in this way u play the SP strategic part vs teh computer and play all -major- battles vs humans

simple and effective

26th Oct 2004, 23:49
thats a pretty good idea and you are right it would make it simpler, but i for one(and maybe it really is only me) like all that micromanaging. Having a few different MP options would be nice and make the MP games more customizable. Some play options i came up with that are somewhat related to yours are:
1: handling only the diplomacy of the empire
2: needing to follow the historical battles(this could be a bit frustrating if your the french)
3: having MP nations such as, someone handles diplomacy someons the general, someones handls trade, etc.(this would be neat to play if all of you were on a large LAN, people could also have multiple roles so if you want to you can still control the whole nation.

well thats it for now, dont know if any of those would be fun to play, but hey they sound sorta cool in print. if anyone else has any other ideas please share 'em.

MagyarKhans Cham
27th Oct 2004, 15:55
i dont know if u understand my point, its that when u engage the AI enemy on battlefield that u can output the battle and play it vs humans.... and input the result of that online game into your SP campaign (vs AI)

27th Oct 2004, 20:20
o that is really different than what i thought u meant. Thats sounds like it would be fun to play. but would all those battles need to be against the same opponent or are you saying you can play against different people for different battles in the campaign. if i still havent understood what you were trying to say im sry ol' bean i tried.

MagyarKhans Cham
27th Oct 2004, 22:29
to anyone u like

u can select ypur own tacticalengine oppnonent. perhaps even have a set of players, each representing others...

28th Oct 2004, 19:11
That's ok as far as it goes. Don't have RTW yet, doesn't come out until Christmas when I get to pick it up for $2000. ALthough I get to spend xmas with my family, so thats an added bonus for the shopping trip....

Anyway. Can't speak for RTW, but I can for MTW. Such an idea has merit, except the campaign AIs are so dumb. They don't develop their economies, or their infrastructure, and late campaign I'm always running into armies of peasants and simple spearmen - this being produced by nations which have had the past 200 years to develop, and peasants are the best they can field!??? My carefully nurtured and created uber army has NO opposition.
At the other end of the scale, "rebellions" suddenly spring to life from nothing within one year with huge numbers of the very finest latest final end units in the game. I'm in turn 4 and I'm dealing with hordes of Swiss Armoured Pikemen, Chivalric pikemen and Chivalric kniggits??? WTF where did they come from? Pure cheese. Unwelcome cheese at that.

What did you think of my "clan suggestion", where campaigns were fought by clans, one turn a week and whatever clan members online at any given time in the week duke out whatever battles need to be fought.