View Full Version : Can't enter Garret's building after enforcers came up

24th Oct 2004, 09:42
I can't get back to Garret's home after having been accused of Caduca's murder. I went to the fence, found the note to go to my own place but the door is barred. Is there another way in to Garrett's home?

Other thing is that the objective "Get to your fence..." isn't cross marked as done, though I've been to the place for a dozen times. Is this normal?

Please help me with this! I'm totally stuck with the game...


24th Oct 2004, 14:18
Garrett's has never been blocked to me, are you sure you are going to the right place?

From the portal to South Quarter go to the left, and pass the fountain, and stay on the left side of the square. The portal to Garretts is just under the portico, after you pass the fountain.

26th Oct 2004, 16:44
Stupid me... I kept looking in the wrong place for days...
Guess I remembered the place wrong... :rolleyes:

Thanks a lot for your help! :D

I'm thieving my way to solve the mystery again...