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24th Oct 2004, 08:49
ive two questions:

1.) i cant find ANY of the pagans cornerstones...where are they? (ive already looked into a helping site in the internet, but the places described there, i also cant find)

2.) when im climbing up a wall with the gloves Garreth stops to climb after a while

in the stonemarket proper, directly when you came in is the hammerchurch. When you look up, there is a balkony, how can i get there?

and climbing up the clocktower? is there only the second secret door to the keepers? Or can i get higher?

24th Oct 2004, 14:13
You cannot climb over ledges, beams or other things that stick out. You can slip around SOME corners.

The cornerstones are NOT GREEN. They are brownish with a symbol that looks like a spider on them.

From the pub in Stonemarket Plaza, go north. At the corner the street turns right.

At that corner on the right is a porch. Look at the corner on the north of that porch. At ground level is the cornerstone.

Once you see and recognize one, it gets easier.

In the docks, there is one at the beginning of the passage down to Dollies. It is on the left as you start down the stairs.

25th Oct 2004, 09:40
thx now ive found the cornerstones ;)

but is there no way to get on the balkony in the hammerchurch?

25th Oct 2004, 16:32
Thanks for the info on the Cornerstone Markers for the Pagans . . .

I could not find them if my life depended on it (Hah!). Now I know what to look for.

30th Oct 2004, 10:28
Originally posted by Dunkelwolf

but is there no way to get on the balkony in the hammerchurch?

30th Oct 2004, 11:09
Well - I read the above post about the Pagan Markers looking like brownish spiders . . .

Question is - I STILL CANNOT SEE THEM!!! Grrrr!! I looked and looked at the areas they are supposed to be at and can see nothing. My graphics settings are fine so I don't think its that.

Are they up high, at eye level, on the building itself or on the pavement? I looked everywhere. Can someone post a pic of what they look like? Perhaps the one in Black Alley.

Anyway - only reason I would help those bloodsucking bastards is because it makes it much easier to get stuff later on. I have been killing and sneaking in Pagan Country in order to get stuff.

30th Oct 2004, 14:55
I have yet to see these taffing 'corner stones'. I think the Pagans in my game lied to me and there aren't any... :p

Does someone have screen shot ability to post a pic of what one looks like?

30th Oct 2004, 14:58
Originally posted by Dunkelwolf

but is there no way to get on the balkony in the hammerchurch?

The balcony is another exit that is within the Ironwood Cathedral. There isn't a way to climb up that I've found, but if you take the alternate exit, you can climb from the balcony to other places... ;)

30th Oct 2004, 19:33
The cornerstones are AT GROUND LEVEL. They stick out a little from the wall.

An easy one to see is in the passage at the docks near the crates with the sapling.

Once you have seen one the others are easy to recognize.

DIRECTIONS: From the weapons shop in the docks go toward the end of the street. At the porch on the right TURN LEFT.

Go into the passageway. This makes a right turn and goes out to the landing on the left (where the boat is).

At the place where the passageway turns to the right, is a CORNERSTONE. It will protrude just a little more than the other stones. It will be a lightish brown with a darker symbol on it that looks like a circle with rays, or as has been said, a SPIDER.