View Full Version : gawd. please help me with framerate.

23rd Oct 2004, 10:44
Straight to the point?

The game even lags on the bloody MENU. more interesting is that the lagging seems to stop when i do not move the mouse, both in game and in menu.

There has to be some kind of fix, that is either coming or someone can direct me to, so i can run this game i ordered off Ebay for 70$ because i love everything thief, system shock, or deus ex without giving up every 2 minutes because it runs so slowly.

My computer can run splinter cell and battlefield 1942, on high settings. PLEASE, for the safety of all those in my close vicinity do not tell me to get a new video card.

AMD 3000+

sigh (im calmed down now)... sorry... look:

I am not one of those people that screams and rattles the bars and posts insulting flames whenever things do not go exactly the way i want them to (theres a few on this forum i noticed hehe)
I do not blame eidos or the talented developers or any of the kindhearted fellas that help out for free in their own time.

That said. What can i do? Is there a compatability patch coming out?

23rd Oct 2004, 11:02
It really sounds like a background task messing with it or another controler or peripheral you have plugged in. Of course if all of this fails you could uninstall any non-mandatory 'drivers' for your mouse or, if it's USB, change the USB Control from OS to BIOS or BIOS to OS in the BIOS options dependant on what it is now.

23rd Oct 2004, 11:35
its usb.... uhm; how?

23rd Oct 2004, 14:39
Besides turning all of the details down to the lowest levels, also try turning VSync and Bloom off.

24th Oct 2004, 00:58
I have tried every possible combination of video settings, wether they are on high or low the slowdown is about the same. And i went and got the cataclyst drivers. The game should run smoother than silk on lowest, but it doesnt.

Here, i lent the game to a mate who has a similar setup to me with a radeon 9600 256. It won't work well on lowest on his machine either.

24th Oct 2004, 04:08
ah crap. im sorry i keep bugging everyone with this, but something i noticed that might help, is that whenever i get close to a usable object that highlights, ESPECIALLY elevator buttons for some reason, the slowdown is enourmous.

SOme thing i have not tried yet was suggested in one of the sticky threads, to set memory cache to 80% of my total (512) what is the name of the file i edit and which directory is it in?

Mr. Perfect
24th Oct 2004, 18:36
Unless your friend has a ainchent computer behind his 9600, he should have been able to run Thief smoothly with middleish settings. Wasn't there a batch of bad CDs that installed currupt files? Or am I thinking of Deus Ex Invisible War? Might want to try exchanging your CDs for a new set if nothing else works.

In the mean time, check out this tweaking link (http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=75031#t3perform).

27th Oct 2004, 04:29
i don't think the cd's are dodgy, they seem to work fine. After changing memcachesize it seems to have improved a little bit, still not perfect though. I think the fact that the graphics are so detailed has left unfortunates like me in the dark :(

27th Oct 2004, 13:38
I don't know if it's your only problem, but the video card is a large part of your problem. T3 uses pixel shading to generate the shadows, and everything in the game casts dynamic shadows. The result is that it requires a lot of video card power to generate. There is no way to turn the shadows off to improve performance, since those shadows are the basis of the game. I don't mean to be insulting, but I am curious why you've got an 9200SE video card (the SE Radeon cards are the crippled variants, with only half the memory bandwidth of the normal cards) and a 3000+ processor? Have you been doing upgrades one component at a time, as you can afford it?

27th Oct 2004, 13:39
You mentioned using a USB mouse. Is it a USB-only mouse? If it is the kind with a PS2-to-USB adapter then it can be used on a PS/2 port. If your computer has a PS/2 port, there is no point in wasting it. A mouse on a USB port won't give you anything more than a mouse on a PS/2 port (except more headaches, especially if the BIOS doesn't support USB mice and keyboards which means you can't use them when entering the BIOS setup screens).

Also, I didn't see where you mentioned WHAT mouse you are using (i.e., brand and model). Perhaps you installed some software with it. Try uninstalling the mouse software and revert to the standard PS/2 driver to see if behavior is better.

Under the properties for the mouse, you could also try playing with the sampling rate and buffer size settings.

3rd Nov 2004, 04:20
Well, at least i have established that it is not the mouse. i plugged in a different one into the ps/2 port and it made no change.

Yes the Radeon 9200 is not a brilliant card. Insulting? no you were only stating the obvious Quillan. I am 17 and i work for 9$ an hour at a bloody supermarket, i can't afford to get a super rig straight away.

It has been explained why the game is so graphics intensive, particularly because of the shadows. Okay. So you must have a powerful graphics card to run the game. Now that i know why I'll forgive The developers :)

Not everyone will though. Is it becoming apparant to you just how many people have been alienated by the seemingly huge requirements? Perhaps the games graphics are a little ahead of their time.

3rd Nov 2004, 15:22
I wouldn't say ahead of their time. They just made use of the power available on modern video cards. And as far as not being able to afford to build the super rig all at once, believe me, I understand. That's how I do it myself, I just change a component at a time. But, I think you need to upgrade that card.