View Full Version : Daniel Craig blasts Tomb Raider movie - like out of nowhere.

22nd Oct 2004, 21:04
British actor DANIEL CRAIG has branded movie TOMB RAIDER the "worst mistake" of his life. The 36-year-old hunk regrets accepting the part of ALEX WEST opposite ANGELINA JOLIE in the widely slammed picture, but insists it has taught him to turn down scripts which make no sense. He complains, "Tomb Raider slowed things down for me. It was the worst mistake I've made. But it was also a good lesson."

THE REST OF HIS RAMBLINGS CAN BE READ HERE (http://www.contactmusic.com/new/xmlfeed.nsf/mndwebpages/CRAIG.%20.TOMB%20RAIDER%20WAS%20MY%20WORST%20MISTAKE.)



22nd Oct 2004, 21:08
The thumbs down wasn't in defence of Craig slamming the movie, because it was indeed complete tripe, but this rant seems to have materialised out of nowhere...

Odd. :rolleyes:

22nd Oct 2004, 21:22
I thought Craig did a wonderful job with the tr movie I thought he's accent was much better than aj by far

22nd Oct 2004, 22:41
"I felt like a bit of a spare Ahem! at a wedding throughout. I probably looked like one too."

Really? i'd never have said that.... :p

22nd Oct 2004, 23:55
Oh please! He is just mad he can't get anywork and will soon be a washed up nobody.

24th Oct 2004, 00:55
Boy! He has a "nice" attitude!

That's a great way to lose fans, which I am sure he has now.

Tomb Raider was a great movie and he was great in it. Too bad for him.

*Scratches Daniel Craig off of list and makes mental note never to watch his movies*


24th Oct 2004, 03:28
What, was he drunk when he said that stuff? How can anyone take him seriously with language like that?

24th Oct 2004, 06:19
Oh dear, ACTORS! :rolleyes:

25th Oct 2004, 02:07
I really liked Craig's character in the movie...What a cranky guy! :rolleyes:

25th Oct 2004, 12:25
What a plonker!:D It's a bit late to start slamming the movie now! Besides nearly every actor has a bad turn in their career, I guess it's just easier for him to put the blame on someone else.

Black Hat
6th Nov 2004, 00:42
I'm sorry he feels so low of himself about that movie! Personally, I thought he did an excellent job in it. Both movies rocked and Im hoping Eido's makes a third soon. Matter of fact I heard a rumor about that a couple of weeks ago. Hm, maybe I'll post about it! :)

THE True Lara
6th Nov 2004, 10:09
Yes, alright, it was a rubbish movie, but you can't go blaming it for 'slowing things down', in all fairness a successful movie will give a carrerr a jump-start, but if you're a good actor a well-played part will shine through regards of the s**t it's surrounded by. Plenty of other actors have done worse. It's no use crying over spilt milk. Bad form Daniel.