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MagyarKhans Cham
22nd Oct 2004, 19:31
Hello reader

As the true messenger of my most beloved Khan, Great Khan of the wolves and Keeper of the Total War pastures Magyar Khan I can tell u that the old fans of teh Total War series wait in anticipation of this game. This for several reasons.

Creative Assembly (CA) failed for the 4th time to listen well to the multiplayer (MP) community. CA stated years ago that MP makes only 1% of their sales and therefor hardly support the MP community.

Although for Rome the graphics are really nice the gameplay suffers a lot. Like Sid MEiers GEttysburg tactical players like to be in full control of their actions and the results of it. Rome now is a speed game, where controls are left out

The developers managed to fix what was not broken en skip teh handy things of previous versions. Also Rome lack teh atmosphere that Shogun had. And now we hope also IG has.

Funny thing is that for now there are more people online than there ever were. There are many reasons for this, eg. like marketing (television exposure) & thumbed down controls (everyone can win).

Now the members of teh Wolves and www.totalwars.net keep a keen eye on this game to enter it when all needed multiplayer points are met.

If u are interested, peek around.

www.totalwar.com totalwars official site
www.totalwars.net TW multiplayer fans site
www.totalwar.org TW best fan site especially for single players

ww.clan-wolves.com if u wanna peek on your future herders ;)

"before we slaughter u in battle, we herd u around like cattle"

Greetings and HoooooooooooWL


23rd Oct 2004, 00:29
I can see why Total War fans are interested in this! I mistook it for one when I first saw this game!

Oh and, No one herds the Russian.

23rd Oct 2004, 04:27
Herd all you want Dog Boy, or Wolf Whelp or Puppy...

British Cold Steel forged to a Kiwi Long Bayonet backed by Prussian dicipline will soon sort you out :D

We are all hopeful that the developers of IG will learn from the 'mistakes' in ROME:TW and develop according to the wishes of gamers.

Why don't you get a few Total War fans to sign up here and express their wishes?

What WOULD make this game a winner in your opinion?

For me ROME:TW is a great game but within a week I find myself playing other games in preference. Why? It is a little bit tedious in places. I like the fact that you can "choose your field" but I am annoyed that I can not recconoiter (spelling?) first.
Also: on river crossings: Fight for the ford / bridge. Even in MTW there were sometimes two bridges.
I like RTW but in many ways I still prefer MTW. I like the quick movement in MTW.

Look forward to more input from you.

Now, where's my bayonet? I need a Wolf Skin Cloak;)

23rd Oct 2004, 21:07
You'll not have mine!

I've got at army layin' about somewhere and we'll have your crown afore you get a hair or my lovely coat. :D

MagyarKhans Cham
24th Oct 2004, 09:27
well Czar, ur not tagged yet but thats a matter of time ;)


24th Oct 2004, 14:17

Ah well, maybe i should be "the sheep that roared":rolleyes:

Anyway, RTW still does not include Naval battles (Which IG does!)

What do the Total War Community think of that?

Is there a thread in the Total War Community somewhere dedicated to Imperial Glory?

If so - I'm sure everyone here would appreciate a link.:D

MagyarKhans Cham
24th Oct 2004, 21:29
naval battles are abstract and to be honest thats ok for me. we solely play teh MP part of teh game so ships are useless and anyway tehre are other games that simulate naval battles probably better than IG will...


i personally dont like the forum yet but the community owns teh site

25th Oct 2004, 14:24
www.twcenter.net is now officially the most popular forum for all things RTW (Bar MP).

Summary of TW:

STW = Was fun but now too linear especially with the Stat whores.

MTW = Too boring and again linear.

RTW = Full of horrid MP bugs (will be fixed in an upcoming mega patch from CA though).

I have yet to see a game that will depict true generalship and decide who really would be a kick arse tactician in ancient/modern times. I guess none of this can happen 'till highly advanced VR (Virtual Reality) comes along ;)

But anyway perhaps IG can get closer to it than TW? Or will it just be another 70% flop like all the other Napoleonic Era games out there...

MagyarKhans Cham
26th Oct 2004, 02:01
hmm panda download some replays of stw of our Khan

30th Oct 2004, 00:53
Oops double post.

30th Oct 2004, 00:54
I saw some of them replays roughly 2 years ago I think, those days are long gone. STW is pretty much hollow now.

4th Nov 2004, 02:15
well, well,... look who I find "sniffing" arround these halls, seems there is some redeeming value to you maggy, few enough people value a true indepth tactical game over the fluff eye candy game RomeTW has become. While I too watch Imperial I hold out little hope that it will match Shogun in tactical depth, I rather imagine it will tend to be pleasing to the eye but shallow in the features that made Shogun so attractive to battle-field stratigiests, How-ever, we will see....too bad you did not try Napolianic Total War..it was extreemly well done, vastly better than Medi, better than STW even, although the competion was rather week. Of the TW lot, it was the one where skill mattered most, and bugs/unit selection/ect, mattered least. Well, soon enough the answer will be known. Czar, your statement "playing RTW for a week", is the saddest, truest, (even pitiful) statement. I myself played maybe 100,000 online battles between STW/MTW, but ive set aside "Rome" after less than a dozen.

4th Nov 2004, 04:24
Hey Dread, SeaDogg here.
We had some great games in MTW and Nap. I enjoyed them very much. Think how thoroughly Nap was prepared before we got to play it, as well as how we were able to tell the modders what problems we had. In the same way, the Viking Invasion patch was smooth, we were soon playing it and really liked the changes.

I think that for a game like IG to be successful you have to have as large a beta-testing force as you can manage. You find experienced players with expertise in the period and style of game and you establish an efficient method of emailing a bug report, including review of screen shots. Then you use these players to work out the problems before it goes on sale. They have to be people who are dedicated to the game and people you can trust. The pay off is that you dont have people saying they are sorry they bought the game. What they get is the final version for a very reduced price plus the experience of helping to make a great game experience. It works, i've participated in it before.

I hope IG considers such a thorough on line test and that people who want this game will share their experience.


MagyarKhans Cham
4th Nov 2004, 10:14
100,000 lahll? i guess u mean 10,000

4th Nov 2004, 23:22
hello Seadogg, yes Nap was really kool, and I think ur right about beta testing, but the devs have no way to tell who is 'hard-core' and who says they are, or are just not, but all in all I think the time has come for this type of game and we will see more of them, hope to see you in 'glory' you too maggy..

4th Nov 2004, 23:54
Howl ...Khan.......

FasT still awaits RTW 2 come of age but sadly his wait may be far to long.....:mad:

If everthing is to go by here with good beta testers etc im sure this has the possibility to over throw the totalwar games....

From what i can see it has good support which it needs to give the community what it wants.........

Ive been browsin through these forums 4 the last 2 weeks now and im impressed about all i see......

Im sure a list can be drawn up for what the community would like:cool:......*WISH LIST* make a sticky for MP gamin......... so all can post what they would like...as we know all r not possible/time money but 40% can be done IMO

Spaghetti Hoops
8th Nov 2004, 10:26
'Total War community has an eye on IG'...indeed we do :)

8th Nov 2004, 23:43
Originally posted by Spaghetti Hoops
'Total War community has an eye on IG'...indeed we do :) And here's another one. Yes, we have come to assimilate you, in the best possible taste of course...

Ssso, are Pyro developers active here to see what players want? Any feedback, any kickbacks?

Vic Flange
16th Nov 2004, 10:14
Yep, we do check through all posts, but don't get chance to reply that often. Anything that we think is a good idea and possible to implement within the timeframe will go in to the game.

16th Nov 2004, 21:41
Originally posted by Vic Flange
Anything that we think is a good idea and possible to implement within the timeframe will go in to the game. That's good to hear. Thanks, Vic.