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18th Oct 2004, 16:50
I was playing the Museum Mission and had finished clearing the West and East Wing and was going to save my game when all of a sudden I was kicked to desktop. I opened my Thief : Deadly Shadows game once more and went to go and load my saved game and the last saved game listed was the Abyral Gale mission which is a long time ago. I stopped playing Thief : DS because I was so mad:( Could someone please send me a saved game of right before the museum mission or during or after the mission where you get the last glyph? My email address is toasterst@comcast.com.

18th Oct 2004, 18:21

28th Oct 2004, 18:37
These saves don't work.

28th Oct 2004, 18:49
They have worked for nearly everyone else. Have you modified your game by tweaking it?

30th Oct 2004, 22:48
Nope. The only thing I did was use the [insert TOU violation here] cuz I don't feel like keeping the cd in my drive.

I extracted the folder in the rar file into the savegames directory along with the saveindex.ion file just like it said, but there are no saved games available when I run game.

I am running latest patch.

30th Oct 2004, 22:53
Jeez, don't post about CD-Cracks. I'm tired of editing posts and sending warnings via PM. These are illegal and posting about them on the Publisher's forum is incredibly stupid. Thanks.

30th Oct 2004, 22:58
I just want to play Cradle level. I beat game long time ago and have no way to go back. I downloaded your cradle file but it is not like the other ones in your list. This one is called "current saves" where as the other ones are a folder with a long list of random numbers and letters. The savegame doesn't show up at all.