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17th Oct 2004, 22:24
hi. i can't meet keeper. When i sold opal i got paper, in wich says "we need talk Garret. Meet me in Terces court in Stonemarket plaza". but there is no keeper!!! And there is no any objectives!!! I can't understand what i need to do. Please help me.

(Sorry for my english if i did some mistakes)

17th Oct 2004, 22:54
You need to go through the portal from South Quarter to STONEMARKET PLAZA. Then go through the alley to the right of the PUB. At the other end keep to the right.

Go through the passageway at the end of the street behind the guard at the crates. When you come out keep to the right. Across from the stairs to your right is a doorway. Go through. Then head north (left as you come through) into the passageway.

Turn to the right, exit to the street and turn left into TERECES COURT.

17th Oct 2004, 23:00
you don't understand. i was there (where gargule statue, right?) many times, but there is no keeper.

17th Oct 2004, 23:17
and on top of it my objectives are empty. is that right?

17th Oct 2004, 23:41
If your objectives are empty and your notes (scroll to the bottom of the bar on the right of the menu) you may have lost the game files.

ESC and hit the LOAD button. Check the SAVES. If it is empty then you will have to start over. If not LOAD the most current one and replay the mission.

Look at the DATE and the TIME that the save was made. If you have a QS that is more current it will be at the top of the list.

Your computer may have hicupped and lost the files.

18th Oct 2004, 00:22
I replayed the mission. After recieving the letter from Artemus keeper i have checked my objectives and notes: EMPTY! And after my first visiting fence in BLACK ALLEY (when he sad where i can sell the Opal) my objectives and notes were empty. Something wrong with game? Maybe i must reinstall it?

18th Oct 2004, 01:18
It definitely sounds like it.

Try a reinstall. Be sure to apply the patch also.

18th Oct 2004, 04:21
I reinstall the game, install english version instead of localized. Now i can see all notes and objectives :) !

One more question: climbing gloves must be in my arsenal at start of game or i must buy it somewhere?

18th Oct 2004, 04:30
Hi Levon,

Glad you got the game working right.

The gloves will appear later on in the game.

18th Oct 2004, 04:36
Thanks for answers theBlackman and Vesper

18th Oct 2004, 10:08
Glad to hear you are able to continue. And as Vesper said, you can get the gloves later.

The game is somewhat linear in that certain things can be done only AFTER you have performed a particular action. So don't be disappointed if some attempt you make to acquire an object or to go to a certain place seems impossible.

Hints that players have gained by reading spoilers, or listening to friends or by finding walkthroughs can put you in impossible postitions and frustrate you.

The game must be played, and progresses in a specific secquence. You can't short cut the missions, or objectives prematurely.

It is a little annoying that the restrictions on each mission are so severe. Compared to the original games where the player had free access to all Levels of each mission map, with the freedom to accomplish the objectives in any order, this one forces you to a more linear play.