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17th Oct 2004, 16:16
Level 10 Tomb of Semerkhet Game of Senet
Does anyone know how to lose the game? The gold pieces will not move when Semerkhet spins only my pieces move on my turn and I win the game every time. I want to lose so I can get the secrets. I have tried uninstall and reinstall but it does not help. Thanks!

18th Oct 2004, 18:33
I find that it is easier to lose the game of Senet than to win it.

I just went to that point in the game and played three times to lose and lost easily each time. You avoid moves that bump one of Semerkhet's pieces and avoid the squares where you get another turn.

Then I played three times trying to win and won each time, but due to getting pieces bumped back to the start, it was close.

But I have no explanation for why Semerkhet's pieces don't move at all for you.

19th Oct 2004, 21:39
Thank you for your help. I must have a defective game I guess.