View Full Version : Museum level-this contains a spoiler

17th Oct 2004, 15:57
I have just completed the museum level.
I had retrieved 2 special pieces of loot towards 3 (playing on expert level) and 88% loot, I was in with the magistrates statue and could see my last piece of loot hanging around the neck of the statue, but how to lift it.
Thought I would use a mine to try and dislodge it, nothing moved, so at this point I figured to dislodge the loot was not the way to go about it. I then spent an age trying climb, jump up, over, round and across but still nothing worked. So out of sheer frustration and desparation I decided to fire a broadhead arrow at the statue and...surprise surprise it rocked on its base and the loot fell down for me.
Now let me see, a mine does not move the statue but an arrow does, whatever happened to reality, its faults like this that spoil a game, or was I missing something, if so I bet someone will tell me what!!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused: :confused::confused:

17th Oct 2004, 22:13
Placing a mine in a museum is considered rude, but firing an arrow is tolerated. Also dogs and roller skates must wait at the front door.

18th Oct 2004, 14:30
You can also use regular arrows, or you can throw things and knock the statue over.

18th Oct 2004, 22:34
I blew it off the statue with a fire arrow. It'll ruin a ghost, though, I'm pretty sure.

19th Oct 2004, 23:31
I spent half an hour climbing up walls and making dangerous leaps in order to jump onto the head of the statue. I finally succeeded, only to have the item drop to the floor as the statue rocked with my weight.

Second time through, I shot it with an arrow.