View Full Version : Notes and voice traps

John D.
17th Oct 2004, 00:33
In my beta testing so far, someone has mentioned that it would be good for a certian note to go into my inventory. However I have a StdButton script on that note that activates a VO trap. How can I pick up the note and only have the VOtrap go off after I've read it?

17th Oct 2004, 20:58
Set the Engine Features > FrobInfo property to:
WoldAction: Move
InvAction: Script
[The default for everything under Scroll (-1286)]

Add > S> Scripts: TrigInvFrob
(no other scripts needed)
Don't Inherit: False.

John D.
17th Oct 2004, 21:44
Excellent! My nightmares grow closer to being unleashed on an unsuspecting FM community! HAHAHAHAHA!!!