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15th Oct 2004, 16:31
Well I just starting playing Thief3 again after looking at lots of screens when I was bored... and there was that one picture http://www.thief3.com/screenshots/30.jpg
and I thought.... wait a second. I never hid somebody in a desk!

.-now here's my question. How to cram a body into a desk? Is it even possible, what I ever dreamed of, to cache a corpse beneath a bed?

Thanks ahead, Vodka

15th Oct 2004, 17:44
Someone else posted that exact pic a few months back, not sure where the thread lies, but if you do some searching you may be able to pull it up.

15th Oct 2004, 18:09
i searched the whole forum about something like that (I EVEN used the search button ;-) (by the way, http://www.trials-shack.co.uk/Posting.swf )

maybe I'm blind. If so, please link me to that threat if you find it. or answer my question :-)

Yours, vodka

15th Oct 2004, 21:01
This thread comes to mind.

15th Oct 2004, 22:24
I'm shocked! :eek: That child collects corpses and poses them into a small box. How sick :p

Anyway. That Box was opened on the roof. I mean on that screenshot I posted the body is in the table-compartment :-)

Funny Screen, but still no answer on my question ^^
Guess I'll never get a corpse into a desk :( :p

17th Oct 2004, 14:07
well....i would say just throw the bodies inside some shadows or corners. :rolleyes:

17th Oct 2004, 19:05
Variety they say is the spice of life. :rolleyes: