View Full Version : Day Five: I Still Can't Buy Gloves?!!!

15th Oct 2004, 05:54
Just finished stealing the gold Compendium of Reproach and hearing the reading, and of course, now it's time to go into the clock tower and stop it.

I know: I need the climbing gloves to get in.
I know: They are for sale in the Undercurrent in the Docks area.
I know: They cost 2000 gp.

However, every time I go into the Undercurrent to buy them, there are no gloves. None. Items on the counter end at the oil flask, and there is nothing else. I have upwards around 7000 gp, so money's not the problem.

Did I do something way out of order or something like that? Is this a glitch that folks have heard of before?

It's Day Five, for goodness sake. *Why can't I buy my stinking gloves?*

Any ideas?

15th Oct 2004, 08:02
Try jumping at a wall near the Undercurrent. Hit JUMP W and see if you stick to the wall, you may have already bought them. :D

Or hit O and then when the menu pops up hit GEAR, then click on the picture of YOU.

If you have the gloves they will show up in the icons around the picture of Garrett.

15th Oct 2004, 08:44
I went through the exact same thing as you silverlock and The Blackman is right. Chances are you already bought the gloves and just havent seen them in your inventory.
I expected them to show up either as a weapon or in my inventry with the flashbombs etc.

15th Oct 2004, 14:06
Hi Silverlock. Another possibility is that you aren't looking in the right place. I think the gloves show up on the shelves behind the storekeeper, not on the counter with the arrows & such.

15th Oct 2004, 14:27

I have gloves. (Where's that red-faced emabarrassed smiley when you need one?)

I could have sworn that I had only gone into the Undercurrent once. With no money. I bought a couple broadhead arrows and left.

I thought.

Maybe the game just sort of ... gave ... them to me without telling me, or something.

(Or maybe I just have a really, really bad memory.)

Thanks for the help everyone. Upper clocktower, here I come.

15th Oct 2004, 16:51
The Gloves are like the Lockpicks. They do not show in the INVENTORY of goodies. They are part of your SPECIAL ATTRIBUTES and are AUTOMATIC. When needed (used) they automatically come into action without the need for you to select them specifically from your equipment.