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14th Oct 2004, 15:01
I dont know what they were thinking but this will be my last eidos game.....I bought a bunch of them too! Thief 3 wont run on anything but win 2000 or xp? Well some of us refuse to run xp for a great multitude of reasons! One being...Some of my older eidos games wont run on xp......I could go on with reasons but to make this short.......what the h was the guy who came up with this idea thinking? Maybe a payoff from microsoft? I bet it doesnt cover the money that will be lost on this blunder!

14th Oct 2004, 17:01
It can run on W98 with some tweaking. But most of the games coming out need XP for support (unless they are console) so you'll not be buying from a lot of other companies as well.

Use of the SEARCH button, and or some browsing through the forums would have given you a lot of other information on running the game on 98.

Good luck in your gameless future. :)

Grey Mouser
14th Oct 2004, 17:06
Hmmm...no blunder in this....in actuality, if you have been playing PC games for any length of time, you would know that your argument is completely fallacious.

Don't misunderstand me as saying I don't care about your plight...I do, and have had several occaisions in my life where a given game simply could no longer run on the hardware/operating system I was using at the time.

For example, in 1994... Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe, an excellent DOS-based flight-sim that had been running wonderfully under Windows 3.11, simply could not be made to work on Windows 95 due to the removal of a certain DOS commands and files from Win 95 by our friends Microsoft.

I tried to make it work, copying and re-copying the requiste file. LucasArts tried. We tried together, using a variety of boot discs and sound driver configurations, while also hacking Win 95 to try and make it recognize the DOS-based bit of code that Microsoft had removed from Win 95. Unfortuantely, it did not work at the time.

So, I accepted that things move on. And then I built a system to play 'old' games on. It was a better solution than me complaining at LucasArts or Microsoft that I would never purchase their products again.

And absolutely, for you...do not purchase a game - from any company, Eidos or otherwise - that clearly states - on its box, for example - that it will not run on your operating system...this is called common sense, and is usually a good rule of thumb to follow.