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Private Joker
14th Oct 2004, 02:55
The Hollies- Bus Stop
Rolling Stones- Paint It Black
The Rivieras- California Sun
Nancy Sinatra- These Boots Are Made For Walking
The Mamas And The Papas- California Dreamin'

15th Oct 2004, 00:51
California dreaming is an Awesome song! but one song they should have is Fortunate son, by CCR (i think its CCR??) and WAR! HUH! YEAH!!! WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR?!??!? lol

15th Oct 2004, 16:08
I would put..

This is the End- The Doors
Hello, I love you- The Doors
We gotta' get out of this Place- The Animals ( Great Song)

and many others.

15th Oct 2004, 22:08
O yeah, another must is Surfin' Bird by the trashmen, thats a great song

16th Oct 2004, 19:40
Some Beach Boys would be good ... Barbara Ann maybe or Surfing Safari.

Take point troop and don't get yourself waxed to the max. Geronimo. -- d2

16th Oct 2004, 20:32
*sigh* but remember everyone, Men of Valor will be out in about 3 days!

17th Oct 2004, 01:05
ok, so..

19th Oct 2004, 19:23
First of all; the game is o.k., but it's supposed to be army, but if you pay really close attention, you will see that most of the soldiers have EGA's (eagle, globe, and anchor) on their covers or steel. EGA's are for Marines...OORAH!!!
Secondly; how the hell can you have a game based on the Vietnam experience, and not have ANY Jimi Hendrix in it at all???
Where is the All Along the Watchtower, or the ultimate...MACHINE GUN???
Obviously neophites on the history of the war, not doing their homework.
Now, 20 years from now, when someone decides to make a video game based on Iraq or Afghanistan, what music will they put in it???

19th Oct 2004, 22:33
what g

19th Oct 2004, 22:33
what g

20th Oct 2004, 15:59
Don't just play the game. Study the history of the conflict. This failure of leadership at the government level, as well as overall understanding of that region of the world, is the reason why almost 60,000 did not come back, and many are still dying today from the physical and psychological fallout of that war.
That conflict caused American society to change in ways that are just now being understood; possibly in more ways than even the Second World War did.
Pay attention and study Vietnam, as it was fought and covered then. See how many simularities there are between then and now.

Semper Fidelis

20th Oct 2004, 21:38
did you guys know, that Kerry is gonna ban gun shows if hes elected...

20th Oct 2004, 21:54
Stay on topic or I lock the thread, think this one was about ... music?

20th Oct 2004, 21:56
ill make a new thread then...HAHAHA! lol

20th Oct 2004, 21:58
yep, that was the point. Thanks

20th Oct 2004, 22:14
Yeah, no prob. NOW what other songs...OOO Was the band The Ramones in the 60's??? if they were, they'd be a good band to put some songs in

21st Oct 2004, 00:19
Ramones are late 70s early 80s and beyond.

21st Oct 2004, 02:04
Rat Farts....Some Hendrix would actually be really good...Its all about the Purple Haze In 'Nam!

30th Oct 2004, 15:17
http://www50.homepage.villanova.edu/michaela.driscoll/jan23/Rolling%20Stones%20-%20Paint%20It%20Black.mp3 (http://)


11th Nov 2004, 03:32
Originally posted by SgtSpecht1234
but one song they should have is Fortunate son, by CCR (i think its CCR??) and WAR! HUH! YEAH!!! WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR?!??!? lol

yeah its CCR and it stands for Creedence Clearwater Revival. War is by Edwin Starr. I think the best song compilation ever for a Nam game is what they used for Battlefield: Vietnam

12th Nov 2004, 06:14
Word to a nig

12th Nov 2004, 23:48
I agree, the list made in Battlefield Vietnam was really good, i wish there was more of a choice on the maps though, because i got dial up, i cant get any new maps for the game, so i play the same levels over and over, not that theres nuttin wrong with that, but it does get sorta stale after awhile...

25th Nov 2004, 00:10
Sky Pilot by Eric Burdon and the Animals
It's my Life " "
19th Nervous Breakdown---Stones
Paint it Black "
People are strange Doors
VooDoo Child Hendrix
Chain of Fools Arethra
The End Doors
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

26th Nov 2004, 06:42
word to a nig...again

28th Nov 2004, 01:42
Jeffersons Airplane- White Rabbit

Young Rascals- Groovin'

Buffalo Springfield- Stop Children

The Grassroots- Live For Today

The Kingsmen- Louie Louie

The Spencer Davis Group- Gimme Some Lovin'

P.S sorry i been AWOL, after i beat this game i stopped playing it:mad:

Maj. Malfunction
16th Dec 2004, 11:05
I still think one of the most ironic things I read from a vet was the use of ¡°It¡¯s a Beautiful Morning¡±, by the Rascals, for reveille. I think that would drive me up a wall.

Take a listen (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/clipserve/B00000331T001010/0/002-7963576-6212057)